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50 Keyboard Shortcuts Which Will Change Your Life

Keyboard bUShortcuts THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE Once you learn them, they will be the best thing that ever happened to your productivity. We’ve pulled together a list of top 20 shortcuts that will help you work faster. Windows KEYBOARD SHORTCUT RESULT + R Starts windows run dialog WIN + F Finds files or folders WIN Quickly toggle between open windows ТАВ Alt + Perform a search in the Ctrl + F current application Ctrl + P Quickly print Ctrl + Alt + Delete Access the task manager Lock your computer WIN Alt + F4 Quit program Shift + Delete Delete item permanently Ctrl + A Select all the items in the current window Mac OS K • KEYBOARD SHORTCUT RESULT * + Alt + Ctrl + Eject Shut down your computer Cmd * + Shift +| Create new email Cmd Ctrl + D Delete text from the front of the cursor * + Shift + 4 Grab just a one-window screenshot Cmd * + Alt + M Minimize all of your opened windows Cmd * + Alt + Esc Force quit an application Cmd Cycle through all of the different applications and windows opened ТАВ * + Shift + Cmd F12 Open dashboard + E Eject disk Cmd Ctrl + Shift+ Eject Sleep displays Chrome KEYBOARD SHORTCUT RESULT Ctrl + T Open new tab Ctrl + Shift + T Reopen last tab closed. Up to 10 tabs ТАВ Switch to the next or Ctrl + previous tab Ctrl + E Enter search query in address bar Alternate focus between F6 address bar and webpage F11 Enter full screen mode Ctrl + S Save current webpage Ctrl + H Open history tab Ctrl + F Find text on webpage Add bookmark for current Ctrl + D webpage Safari KEYBOARD SHORTCUT RESULT Cmd + T Open new tab Cmd + Shift + > Jump to next / previous tab Cmd + W Close current tab Cmd + Option + W Close all tabs except active tab Cmd + Shift + W Close current window Option + Cmd + 1 Show top sites Cmd + D Bookmark page Cmd + Shift + N Open new private window Cmd + 1 Jump to first bookmark Cmd + Shift + N Show sidebar Word Excel KEYBOARD SHORTCUT RESULT Ctrl + Z Undo option Ctrl + Y Redo option Ctrl + F Find information Ctrl + H Replace information Ctrl + A Select all information Ctrl + Shift + F12 Print document or spreadsheet Ctrl + G Go to specific cell or page Move cursor to the beginning of the line or row in word or cell A1 in excel Ctrl + Home Ctrl + End Move cursor to the end of a document in word Move cursor to the cell at the end of the last column or row in excel Ctrl + End SOURCES

50 Keyboard Shortcuts Which Will Change Your Life

shared by joe.shervell on Jun 30
Notice how time-taking it is to find and select an option in a computer. At times, we're in a hurry to finish some projects, and looking for this options stresses us. That's where keyboard shortcuts m...






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