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5 Ways SSD Is Better Than Hard Disk

5 WAYS SSD IS BETTER THAN HDD III IIII V/S III SanDisk III III III Solid State Drive Hard Disk FASTER STRONGER COOLER SILENT LIGHTER Blaze Your Way To The Top Can Take A Beating Never Breaks A Sweat You'll Never Hear It Running Don't Feel Weighed Down SPEED SSD's can be upto 100 TIMES FASTER than HDD's as data can be Hard Disks are SLOWER because HDD's are compromised of slow moving accessed instantaneously resulting PHYSICAL PARTS in SYSTEM ACCELERATION DURABILITY SSD's use a NON MECHANICAL DESIGN HDD's have moving parts which make it of NAND Flash mounted on a circuit susceptible to DAMAGE. board which makes it shock resistant up to 1500g/0.5ms. TEMPERATURE SSD (26 - 30 C) HDD (34 - 44 C) Hard Disks are compromised of moving Thanks to NO MOVING PARTS and completing tasks faster, SSDS run at parts & when the move it generates cooler temperatures. friction between them. NOISE SSD's are Quieter SILENT Desktop HDD: 15–32 dBA SSD: Zero (Airborne Acoustics [email protected]) Notebook HDD: 14-18 dBA WEIGHT SSD (40-50 Grams) SSDS are Lighter making mobile users HDD (100-120 Grams) Hard Disks are compromised of who lug around their notebook happy. mechnical parts which add to the Weight of the HDDS Powered by Concept by SanDisk Rig +-- GAMING CENTRAL IIII IIII IIII III III IIII IIII

5 Ways SSD Is Better Than Hard Disk

shared by gurnoor on Feb 24
The 5 ways in which SSD Is better than a Hard Disk in terms of Speed, Durability, Temperature, Noise and Weight.


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