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30 Days of Data with VOYURL

30 days of voyurl. 1 month of online = (30 days) time In 1 month, voyurl members browsed for... 14 years 213 days 20 hours That's about 2.5 Million man-hours. For reference, it takes about 4,400 man-hours to build a 2,000 sq. ft. house with a garage.... = 4,400 man-hours 568 houses! that means voyurl members could have built In number of pages, that's ... 8,990,560 pages ( 1000 meters, or 8,990,560 pages high To put it another way.. One ream of paper contains about 500 sheets and stands 2 inches tall. 9 Million pages 500 sheets 18.000 %3D reams of paper 18,000 reams x 2 Inches = 36,000 inches tall 3.000 feet = 1,000 meters So, stacked vertically, voyurl members went through more pages in 1 month than the Burj Dubai is high. One month of voyurl pages would make for the tallest structure in the world. How's that for scale? Voyurl Tower-o-Pages 1000m Burj Dubai 828m Taipei 101 509m Empire State 381m Eiffel Tower 324m 30 St. Mary Axe (The Gherkin) 180m Broken down across the days of the week, people... but are out enjoying more on Sunday browse more on Nature Tuesday 1500k illum 1250k 1000k 750k 500k 250k Ok Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Top Categories by Time Spent The number one category was Social at 23% followed by Technology at l2% and Search at 10%, with #4 being Culture at 8%. Finally, members round off their browsing appetite with News at a healthy 7% of all visits. The next 5 categories were Video (7%), Entertainment (7%), Shopping (4%), Business (4%), and Travel (3%). Next 5, we have Design (3%), Music (3%), Photo (2%), Sports (2%), and Art (1%). Finally, we have Style, Food, Health, Humor, Politics, and Science wrapping the bottom 5 at 1% each. Mr. Popular - Most Visited Sites Top by Visits Top Categories by Time 1. 3,961,831 Social 20,837 hours 2. 1,162,029 Technology 9,293 hours 3. 579,296 Search 7,499 hours 4. 510,662 Culture 5,772 hours 5. 433,788 News 4,819 hours Who's Doing the Most Clicking? Visits 4.5M Top 10 Countries by Visits 1. United States 4,530,480 6. Germany 158,866 2. Canada 769,513 7. Netherlands 151,388 3. United Kingdom 388,023 8. Thailand 139,424 4. Australia 364,124 9. Malaysia 124,610 5. India 193,593 10. Japan 111,385 Go to: Want to get smarter about how you use the web? Join voyurl's private beta! to get started. Copyright 2011 voyurl, inc. All rights reserved. Data taken from 7/24/11 to 8/24/11 dataset.

30 Days of Data with VOYURL

shared by adamcl on Aug 31
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it’s been just over thirty days since we launched the newest evolution of voyurl. to celebrate like the happy dorks we are, we decided to share what 30 days of data within voyurl looks like. turns o...


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