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26 Things to Note Before you Develop A Website

26 things to note before you DEVELOP A WEBSITE DOMAIN "TITLE.COM" 2 HOSTING Choose a reliable one look at how much Choose a name that people can remember well and choose wisely 3 TECH capacity you need. CsS HTML MYSQL JAVASCRIPT Aanbi PHP (and appropriately) whether you will Technology you use: HTMLS, CSS3, use .com, .net, or something else. php PHP, Jquery, Javascript, etc. PURPOSE 5 LAYOUT & COLOR What is the purpose of the website: business. Color affects the 'feel of your site. Neat layout is always corporate, e-commerce, etc. preferred. Don't forget about footer too! 6 SITE MAP 7 CONTENT Clear site map & flow chart. Your website has to provide a good and informative content to the users, Target certain keywords to rank high in search engines. The type of content like laguage, picture, video, etc. have influence of how fast or how slow that website will load. 8 AUDIENCE You have to know who your audiences are, then you can build content that attract them. AOVERSITING HE 9 ADVERTISMENT 10 POP UP MESSAGE Don't put too muh advertisment in your website. If it is Prevent pop up messages. It is the most annoying type not necessary, don't put it here. of advertising because of slow loading and sometimes you can't close it. 11 ATTRACTIVE DESIGN 12 BUTTONS Good website should be simple, yet perfessional Good website should be BUTTON BUTTON BUTTON BUTTON simple, yet professional 13 BACKGROUND 14 IMAGE You can choose from a clean look, colorful look, or you can consider patterned Choose image carefully as it will create background too. a lasting impression for everyone, so you want it to be good and memorable. 15 EASY NAVIGATION 16 UNIQUE Users can easily find what they are looking for. There are so many good website out there, but you 17 FRESH have to make your website stand out from the other. Keep ypur website up-to-date to keep visitors coming back. 18 CROSS BROWSER A good website has to be able to be viewed properly in all types of 18 OPTIMIZED modern browser, example: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari. A good website has to be search engine friendly. It means it is easy to find your website in the search engine. 20 SCREEN RESOLUTION 21 SOCIAL MEDIA Formerly, web design made 980px in width. But as responsive web design is Integrate social media to your websites to facilitat getting popular, a site can be designed up to 1230px in width. easy content sharing. 22 TYPOGRAPHY Aa Choose your typography. Legible font is definitely important. You don't want people to squint their eyes when reading your text. 23 REGISTRATION in If visitors have to register to interact with your website, give them advantages when they do. E2 24 TRACKING & ANALYTICS 25 PROVIDE SECURITY With il, you can monitor how your website goes and how to optimize it Visitors have to feel safe when they leave their information in your website. Especially when they have to register their contacts detail or credit card number. 24 FOOTER Footer may not be the main thing in a site, but with a well-designed footer, you can impress your visitors. | E-mail: [email protected] CRISPY Codes

26 Things to Note Before you Develop A Website

shared by CrispyCodes on Feb 18
Many clients keep buzzing us about what should be perfect website or what things are must in a website ? well answer goes well in this infographic which is displaying all requirement of perfect web...


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