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2014 Online Behavior Poll [INFOGRAPHIC]

2014 Online Behavior w/ Pyne by @userexperience The following is independent research that I conducted, using Pyne App ( as a polling platform. Pyne did not sponsor, and is in no way affiliated, with the study. I. Retail and Ecommerce Q1. When researching products online, which reviews/ratings do you read first? Editor's ratings/reviews 14% 56 answers 86% User ratings/reviews Q2. The last time you wrote an online review of a product or service, you were Angry 41% 46 answers 59% Pleased Q3. The last time you used your phone in a store, you used it to Take a picture of a product in the store 10% Call someone 42% 48 answers 48% Conduct online research about a product in the store II. Media and Entertainment Q4. Which of the following best describes why you own certain movies on DVD or digital download? "It's a collector's edition" 12% "I want to watch it again" 60% "It's for my child(ren)" 15% 40 answers 13% "It is better resolution or hi-def, or 3D" Q5. For Music, I use A turntable 2% mp3s or iTunes 34% Spotify 42% 53 answers 22% Pandora Q6. I watch more movies and TV shows on my Computer/Laptop 29% TV 50% 58 answers Smartphone 9% 12% Tablet Q7. I watch movies based on Online reviews The trailer 26% 37% 54 answers 4% Netflix recommends 33% Friends' recommends III. Privacy Q8. I'm most likely to give out my personal info., (name, date of birth) when. All of the I'm making a purchase above 25% 27% 56 answers I'm editing my preferences 5% 43% I'm creating a profile for a social network Q9. When asked to provide personal info. online, what is most important to you? What I get in return for the info. That my info. will be kept private 61% 39% 57 answers Hop IV. Social Media Q10. Which posts to your Facebook newsfeed, from your friends, are you most likely to "Like"? All of the Photos of friends above and family 35% 43% 54 answers Humor/ entertainment 17% 5% Status updates that support your political views Q11. Which types of "tweets" are you most likely to "retweet", on Twitter? Tweets about Both your profession 30% 30% 44 pfrom answers 40% Humorous tweets 23,6269 Q12. Which types of “pins" are you most likely to “repin", on Pinterest? Fashion/Apparel/ Cosmetics Other 17% 36% 36 answers Products/ Decor/Gadgets 22% Photograph/y/Art/ Design

2014 Online Behavior Poll [INFOGRAPHIC]

shared by userexperience on Aug 06
Technically savvy users answered questions about their online behavior, use of devices for media, and social media habits. I used the Pyne iOS app. as a polling platform.


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