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15 Handy Shortcuts for Internet and Computer – Day to Day Use

15 Tue 15 Handy Internet & Computer Shortcuts for Everyday 1 A SHORTCUT TO ANY WEBSITE. 3 REVERSE IMAGE SEARCH. 4 SKIP BORING INTRODUCTIONS OF MOST YOUTUBE VIDEOS. ADD ?WADSWORTH=1 TO THE Hold S and right click an image to do reverse image search in Chrome. Cntrl + Enter surround a domain name with www and .com END OF THE URL The Wadsworth constant, which was proposed by /u/wadsworth, states 2 DOWNLOAD MUSIC that the first 30% of any YouTube instructional video is skippable. In Google search Type -inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:"index of" +"last modified" +"parent directory" +description +size +(wma|mp3) “the beatles" YouTube added it as a feature. Replace "the beatles" with whatever you're looking for. It finds music downloads on public ftp and http sites. Tutorial video? Adding the extension to the end of the URL would skip the awkward introduction by the host about their hobbies, genetic history, 5 RESTORE A CLOSED BROWSER. 6 MAKE YOUR CURSOR MOVE BY WORDS. Ctrl + Shift + T what they had for breakfast, and the Opens up the last tab you closed. CTRL + arrow keys will jump to the explanation you could have gathered start of the word. CTRL + SHIFT + from the video's title. 7 HIGHLIGHTING A URL Arrow keys with highlight the entire word CTRL + backspace will delete CTRL + L highlights the url/address 9 STOP A DISTRACTING GIF the entire previous word. bar. OVER A WEBPAGE 8 SHORTCUT TO OPEN TASK MANAGER Press ESC to halt animated GIFS Don't hit CTRL + ALT + DELETE, hit CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to go directly to the that are distracting. task manager. 10 SWITCH BETWEEN OPEN 11 SHORTCUT TO RE-ENABLE BROWSER RIGHT-CLICK. WINDOWS. ALT + TAB Many of us don't know Adding this javascript:void(document.oncontextmenu=null) into a about alt-tab, it lets you switch favorite/shortcut on the toolbar re-enables browser right click. Good for sites between open applications quickly. that disable it, or if their own right click context menu is buggy. 12 OPEN UP AN INCOGNITO WINDOW CTRL + SHIFT + N - opens up an incognito mode tab on chrome, while, CTRL + SHIFT + P - Opens for Firefox. You can browse freely being sure that nothing of what you do is saved in browsing or downloads history. No cookies either. (13 A SIMPLE WAY TO CLEAR 14 BOOKMARK A WEBPAGE/TABS 15 CLOSE/OPEN TABS (EXCEPT APPS TAB) YOUR CACHE. CTRL + SHIFT + R = Clear cache BOOKMARK A WEBPAGE: CTRL + D Close: Ctrl + W OR Ctrl + F4 and then refresh page. BOOKMARK ALL TABS: CTRL + SHIFT + D Open: Ctrl + T 0800 862 0890 +44 191 303 8069 WEB HO STING UK © 2014

15 Handy Shortcuts for Internet and Computer – Day to Day Use

shared by pravinganore on Jan 19
Here's a list of unique 15 shortcuts to enhance your daily experience with surfing the web and using your computer. Did you know about it earlier?, I'm sure you will like them.


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