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15 Best Hackers In The World

FAMOUS ETHICAL НАСКERS IN THE WORLD 15 What is an Ethical Hacker? Jedi-like experts that get paid to hack brands and reveal security gaps in their products, before someone from the "dark side" exploits them. Brands reward these discoveries through bug bounty programs. WHERE NOTABLE ETHICAL HACKERS LIVE Google $13,000 & counting facebook $20,000 Vine PayPal Google $145,000 HMicrosoft $1,600 $10,000 HMicrosoft $20,000 $100,000 Google $15,000 mozilla $3,000 facebook $6,000 Google UNITED $12,000 facebook $33,500 1 Million Air Miles 11001001 11010000 11111010 00111101 00001100 0110111001110101 00100000 10100110 10 110 11101 00010 11100 011100 0100 1 101 111111110110011110 0 01 1101 10101110 00000010 1 1 10000 0100 101000 101 1011100 o00 1100 1000101 0111010 0100001 11110100 00 100 10100111 00 01000010 110011 10 01110000 11100100 1 NEEL 01 МЕТНА Google 9 $15,000 01010111011111100 O 2014 O Philadelphia, USA 10011011 11100110 001: The well-publicised Heartbleed flaw was a defect in the OpenSSL cryptography library. It was accidentally spotted by Neel Metha, a member of Google's security team. 02 ANONYMOUS | ■ 国 国 网 $1 Million O 2015 O Anonymous Security company Zerodium launched a competition to find a way to take over iPads and iPhones using the latest version of iOS. Two teams competed but only one was able to meet the terms of the bounty. ... SANMAY 03 VED Google $6,006.13 Google BUY 9 $12,000 9 2015 O India Google paid out $12,000 to an ex-Googler, Sanmay Ved, after he was somehow able to purchase the domain name for one minute in 2015. The amount was initially only $6,006.13 (spells out "Google") but after Ved said he was giving it to charity, Google doubled it. PINKIE 04 PIE Google $150,000 O 2012-2013 9 Anonymous Google paid out altogether $150,000 of its $2.7m fund for bug bounties to hacker going under pseudonym Pinkie Pie who had repeatedly spotted a bug in Chrome, involving a Linux kernel bug and a config file error. JORDAN 04 WIENS UNITED 9 1 Million Air Miles 9 2015 O Florida, US Florida-based vulnerability researcher Jordan Wiens received a million free air miles for discovering an RCE bug in United's web properties. REGINALDO 06 SILVA facebook 9 $33,500 9 2013 O Brazil Brazilian computer engineer Reginaldo Silva found one of the worst vulnerabilities in Facebook's software, relating to code used for the authentication system OpenID. JAMES 07 FORSHAW Microsoft O $100,000 O 2014 O UK James Forshaw, a UK-based researcher, detailed a bug that worked around some of the protection issues in the initial preview versions of Windows 8.1. SERGEY 08 GLAZUNEN 60K! Google O $145,000 9 2012-2013 9 Russia Russian student Sergey Glazunen has so far earned almost $145,000 for 59 various bugs regarding Google Chrome, and currently holds a "record" of the highest prize ($60,000) paid out for Google Chrome exploits. ALEX 09 MILLER mozilla O $3,000 O 2010 O California, USA 12-year-old Alex Miller from San Jose, California, earned the reward after discovering a critical overflow and memory corruption issue in just 15 hours. JACK 10 WHITTON facebook $20,000 O 2013 O UK Hacker Jack Whitton discovered a bug that would let any decent hacker with a phone take over your account, as part of an invitation by Facebook to find flaws in its software. JARED 11 DEMOTT Microsoft $20,000 O 2012 O Michigan, USA Hacker Jared DeMott was awarded third prize in the Blue Hat competition run by Microsoft to find bugs in its coding after he found a way to bypass all of their security measures. RAFAY 12 BALOCH PayPal O $10,000 H 2012 O Pakistan Digital wallet service Paypal paid $10,000 dollars to Pakistani hacker Rafay Baloch after he found a remote code of extinction vulnerability in its software. 13 BITQUARK Google O $13,000 & counting H Ongoing UK Legendary hacker Bitquark has been finding bugs in Google code for several years, and has so far earned personal rewards of $13,000 from Google Sites. FRANS 14 ROSEN Vine O $1,600 O 2013 O Sweden Legendary hacker Frans Rosen has earned more than $100,000 from ethical hacking but his biggest single haul was when he spotted a flaw in (a video clip platform owned by Twitter). МОНАМЕD 15 RAMADAN facebook O $6,000 画 2013 O Egypt Facebook paid out $6,000 to Egyptian hacker Mohamed Ramadan after he discovered a flaw in the Facebook camera app for iOS. ONimbusHosting net/former-bluehat-prize-winner-pwns-microsoft--researcher-bypasses-all-emet-protection.html %24

15 Best Hackers In The World

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Who are ethical hackers? Where do they live? How much do they earn? Check out our infographic about 15 times when "white hat" hackers basically saved the world.


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