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12 Stages of Selling Your Website

12 STAGES * o selling your * WEBSITE WHY ARE YOU SELLING? 09 -1. DECISION - WANT TO TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT. RECEIVED AN OFFER. NOT PASSIONATE ABOUT IT ANYMORE. ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY HAS COME UR You WANT TO TAKE THE CASH. You may want tesell on tar any of the follewing reasons be CERTAIN and READY to commit to the process. WEBSITE ELEMENTS? is it -2. SÄLEABLE? - PROFIT PRODUCING WEBSITE. MOST LIKELY OLDER THAN I YEAR MAKES AT LEAST 1J000 PER HONTH. Does your website have elements that are attractive te byers . CONSISTENT EARNINGS STABLE TRAFFIc. SYSTEMS IN PLACE 1elling SELLING METHOD •3. METHOD? - BROKER PRIVATE SALE Chosse your method of seing HARKETPLACE PREPARATION •4. PREPARATION - ORGANIZE STATISTICS (TRAFFICAREVEN DONT MAKE ANY HAJOR CHANSES. Get hings in onder betere GENERAL WEBSITE CLEANUR selling THINK ABOT YOUR SELLING PRICE DETERMINE PRICE -5. SELLING PRICE · ASSET VALUATION yers may make their valuation baeden the ats of the website. Ben traftc or cestomersbwyers will k at ways of leverging those asets te petavick Determine aelling price er return en iestment FUTURE HAINTAINABLE EABNINGS yers ht k at the rate of return they can expect m the website by capitaling feture eaings Th heved by mutying he average arey the desired rate of retunn EARNINGS MULTIPLE. Byers may ply an aring mtiple to yrwbite • COMPARABLE SALES. yers may search for siarles of e ute nd companable sales data PREPARE A DOCUMENT. •6. MEMORANDUM - FINANCIALS TRAFFIC STATS BANK STATEMENTS • Prepare a document showcasing GENERAL WERSITE INFO identifving IDENTIFY BUYERS. •7. BUYERS - FIRST TIMERS. is said roN ot businese areprchased Identity petential byers t buy your webte by sesple coming tof corporate jobs FINANCIAL BUYERS These byers ae just loing fora return on iest- mant and w value ver bine naway to get their money back an quickly an posible. STRATEGIC BUYERS. Ually consisting of competiters pplier, custom ser complimentary bineses INVESTORS. These buyers purchase websites for their portfolio and ally by hands oautamated buinesses where their le day te day mangement t the webite MARKETING. -8. MARKETING - PRIVATE BUYERS. vouR NETWORK. Determine your target audi- WEBSITE BUYING COMPANIES. ence FORUMS . • . CLASSIFIED sITES HARKETPLACES. QUALIFY BUYERS. -9. OFFERS.- PROVE THEY HAVE THE MONEY . EDUCATION. Qualify potential byers by asking for basic inte HISTORY OF PAST DEALS. REFERRALS FROM OTHER PARTIES соор вEAON гоя UCHAL. EXPECTED TIME FRAME TO SETTLE. Once you've found a qualified buyer, work out a deal that both parties are happy with -10. NEGOTIATION. DUE DILIGENCE. •11. DUE DILIGENCE.: PROOF ON INCOME PROOF OF TRAFFIC . Let them leek under the hed befere paying you BANK STATEMENTS. TAX RETURNS. PROor oF OWNERSHIR SUPPLIER INFO. . o CUSTOMER INNFO. LEGALITIES - 12. SETTLEMENT. The contract has beendponnd sipwd No party can change their mind at thie point Paymentis mae inte yr ban coount enenally wing drty w vice lke escrow.comora lwye 13. HANDOVER. Deals are complicated and can fall over at any moment. Set realistic expecta tions and be patient. Things will nor- mally cost twice as much and take three times as long MADE BY BROKERCORP.COM

12 Stages of Selling Your Website

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Infographic Design - 12 Stages of Selling Your Website. List infographic design.


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