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10 Years of the IPod Historical Infographic

YEARS OF THE iPod HISTORICAL INFOGRAPHIC 2000 While developing their "digital hub" product strategy, Apple discovers that digital music players up to that point are horrible. Steve Jobs asks hardware guru Jon Rubinstein to try to make something better. Rubinstein and engineer Tony Fadell prototype a device which uses off-the-shelf components: a Toshiba hard drive, a Sony battery, and chips from Texas Instruments. The name "iPod" came from a freelance copywriter, Vinnie Chieco, who named it after the iconic “Open the pod bay doors, HAL," line in Stanley Kubrik's "2001." Steve Jobs initially rejected the iPod name, but later came around to it. 1 2001 M -- which is based on a program called SoundJam MP purchased by Apple in 2000. JANUARY 9 Apple releases its iTunes music jukebox software, OCTOBER 23 Only a month after 9/11, Steve Jobs takes the stage at Apple's HQ to announce the first iPod, calling it a “breakthrough digital device." It's quickly mocked by critics for its high price tag and small set of features. 2 3 Playlists Browse 2002 Settings Backlight JULY 17 Second generation iPod released in 10 and 20 GB capacities, featuring a new touch-sensitive control wheel. iPods now work with Windows through Musicmatch software. OCTOBER With the release of iTunes 4.1 comes compatibility with Windows 2000 and XP; iPod sales explode following this development. Ч pra favorite thing 2003 the control buttons to a new row of touch-sensitive buttons under the screen. Apple also introduces the iTTunes Music Store, which opens with 200,000 songs available for 99 cents. 3 APRIL 28 Apple releases third generation iPod, which moves MAY Oprah names the iPod one of her “Favorite Things" and gives everyone in the 350-member audience a 15GB iPod worth $399. 4 Apple Corps. sues Apple for violating a trademark agreement and entering the music business. A High Court judge considers disqualifying himself because he uses an iPod. 2004 M I released with 4GB of storage and in 5 colors. It features a new "click wheel" which combines the control buttons integrated into a News solid-state, touch-sensitive scroll wheel. 5 JANUARY 6 Apple goes small with the "iPod mini." The mini is IEIHE IKUNUNALGINNMAUANHAIHINGMAI Steve Jobs and The Must-Have FEBRUARY Apple and Pepsi launch the biggest iTunes promotion yet. Music Player Publicized with splashy Super Bowl commercials, the two companies promise to give away 100 million free songs through iTunes. Everyone Is Talking About iPod, Am Therefore JUNE Newsweek features the iPod in a big cover story, declaring America the "iPod Nation." 6 JULY 19 Apple announces fourth generation iPod, with the new click wheel controls from the iPod mini. Available in 20GB and 40GB capacities. 7 2005 M -I released with 4GB of storage and in 5 colors. It features a new "click wheel" which combines the control buttons integrated into a solid-state, touch-sensitive scroll wheel. JANUARY 6 Apple goes small with the "iPod mini." The mini is JANUARY 11 Apple announces a new entry-level iPod, the iPod shuffle, in 512MB and 16B capacities using flash memory. It plugs directly into the user's computer through an onboard USB plug. 8 SEPTEMBER 7 Steve Jobs shocks the gadget word when he kills off the very successful iPod mini in favor of the iPod nano. The nano includes a color screen for photo viewing and is available in black or white, and 2GB and 4GB capacities. OCTOBER 12 The fifth generation iPod is released, featuring another complete redesign. The new look brings a slimmer profile and larger screen for playing videos, and is made available in black and white. 9 Now Playing Feel Good, Inc. DECEMBER U.S. President George W. Bush reveals that even he owns an iPod. -120 2006 FEBRUARY The iTunes Music Store sells its one billionth song. 10 2007 JANUARY 9 Steve Jobs delivers the keynote address at Macworld and announces three new products: “a widescreen iPod with touch controls," a "revolutionary mobile phone," and “a breakthrough Internet communicator." He reveals that these three products are actually a single device, the long-awaited and often-rumored iPhone, to uproarious applause. Though it won't be released until June, Jobs demonstrates among many other features the built-in iPod media player application, featuring touch-controlled CoverFlow. 10 APRIL Apple sells 100 millionth iPod. 11 SEPTEMBER 5 With the sixth generation of the original iPod comes a new name: "iPod classic," with a new anodized aluminum front. Available in black or silver in 8OGB or 160GB sizes. Apple also unveils the third generation iPod nano, which features a 2-inch video-ready screen in a nearly-square enclosure, and a smaller click wheel. Most importantly, Apple o begins the process of making the classic iPod obsolete by introducing a new touch-screen iPod, the iPod touch. It brings the multi-touch, web access, and media player features of the iPhone without the monthly cellular bill. 12 2008 MARCH The iPod goes to space on the Space Shuttle Endeavor. 12 APRIL ITunes passes Wal-Mart to become the top music vendor in the U.S. 2009 13 FEBRUARY Apple begins offering DRM-free songs on iTunes. APRIL 1 On a state visit to the United Kingdom, U.S. President Barack Obama gives an iPod to the Queen of England. 13 April 27 All songs in the iTunes Store become DRM-free as Apple adopts new pricing tiers at 79 and 99 cents and $1.29. 2010 14 JUNE 21 Apple releases the iPhone 4, featuring a flat, minimalist design and a metal band around the outer edge which serves as the antenna. Even before Apple announces it, the iPhone 4 is steeped in controversy after an Apple engineer leaves a prototype test model in a bar and it makes its way to the hands of the tech blog Gizmodo. After the release, users discover that holding the iPhone 4 in “the wrong way" can greatly diminish the cellular signal. 14 15 2011 M . "Phone 4S." which features a faster processor and an innovative Al called Siri. The iPod touch and nano also see minor upgrades. OCTOBER 4 Apple unveils an updated iPhone model dubbed the OCTOBER 5 Steve Jobs, Apple founder and champion of the "digital hub" philosophy at the root of the iPod's success, dies after a long battle with cancer. 15 16 BEYOND I phenomenon. From tribal warriors in Ethiopia to people around you in the subway; from Cupertino, California to all seven continents and even space, there is nowhere the iPod's tremendous impact isn't felt. And this trend looks to be continuing on for the foreseeable future. 16 The iPod has grown from a small white brick to a huge cultural Cult of

10 Years of the IPod Historical Infographic

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When the IPod was invented it made a huge splash in society. This infographic takes a look at the history of the IPod through a brief timeline and notable moments for the product.


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