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10 Tips to Keep Visitors 20 Seconds

Effective Web Writing: TIPS 20 40 KEEP SECONDS How quickly you need to make an impression: 10 seconds buys you another 10. Qute fom ushliy gur JakobNeker: 20 seconds might buy you a Ithe Web page survivesthis fist -etremel arh – 10-eond judgmen, ser il Iook around a bit. CUSTOMER f Your Daily News EXTRA! EXTRA! Headline is the Key wn Understand your visitor oM That's right, put some time into researching your audience before you start your headline Focus On Visitor Intent Match their "why" why are they on your page? and you'll have their "how do I buy?" BUY NOW! Click HERE TO Engage Them PAPADON'T Involve them emotionally with a hook or a question; don't preach PREACH MAKE IT CLEAR 84 UM (CONFUSE THEM AND YOU'LL DIE..GET 5 PEOPLE TO READ IT BEFORE YOU PUBLISH. THE ATOMIC SYMBOL FOR SEE IF IT MAKES SENSE TO THEM) CONFUSION Don't Fight Their RTUIAQ TGJKLSGJD OEyes GKLEWPOPSCN FIWQPOMNDS GJHEDSOPW YRUWIBOPAS 0ORLACHE Usethe Golden F lli Bet PSE Studies show people scan a page in an "F" pattern. ALLN V! GHT They start at the top left, move across then down. Make sure your important points are top and left. Go lean too much text puts eyeballs to sleep Use buflets Eyeballs follow bullet points like teenage boys follow teenage girls Neuroscience is your friend |Use it when selecting images 10 From infancy our brains are wired to pidck out faces“ and follow eyes, so.. Work in some photos of people's faces, and make sure the eyes are visible Use the direction the face is looking to point at your important points Source: Source: Designed By Kyle J. Bullock

10 Tips to Keep Visitors 20 Seconds

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This infographic helps viewers to visualize the key features of compelling, engaging web content.


Kyle Bullock


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