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The Complete Guide to Lead Generation

THE PARETO EFFECT Share is tographic The Complete Guide to Lead Generation Source Quality Business Targeting LEARN HOW TO GET THE BEST ROI FROM YOUR LEARN HOW TO CATEGORISE, TARGET AND TALK TO THE RIGHT BUSINESSES LEAD GENERATION Lead Volume Location Targeting DISCOVER HOW DATA AND TIMING ARE FIND OUT HOW TO TURN YOUR LOCATION ESSENTIAL TO BETTER LEAD MANAGEMENT. INTO A BENEFIT AND NOT A LIMITATON Decision Makers Industry Targeting FIND OUT HOW TO IDENTIFY AND BUILD DISCOVER HOW TO EXPAND BEYOND YOUR RELATIONSHIPS WITH DECISION MAKERS. ESTABLISHED INDUSTRIES Media & Social ARE YOU USING THESE CHANNELS TO THEIR FULL POTENTIAL FIND OUT HOW YOU CAN DO MORE YOUR LEAD Move beyond the fundamentals. Start your smarter sales process today. GENERATION SOLUTION Source Quality The fundamentals of lead generation remain the same but measurable data means performance can be tracked, examined and improved. Read • How to idergy worthwhile sources • The value of analysis • How to optimise your ROI We set a target of reaching decision makers with 10%. Methods to oet your message across include belephone, email, content writing, media & social sharing 25% Extract the highest qality out of your leads by eamining sourcn /0 these cenersutions ces&ata Back to top The best time to generate leads from email is between 8:00am and 3:00pm ( n in y Sar ta Lead Volume Pure volume is not always the best solution. distribution of your leads is important to extracting the most value from them. Leam how to ing the number and imits and dont generate too • Consider quatty and quantity effectivety • Make your lead volume manageable • Improve generation efficiency many leads. Too higha bottleneck effect and result in missed sales Controlling the flow of leads grants salespeople the time they need to bandie potential customers Withou due digence, even the best will eeventhe Let deats escape them. (mcient beams hold some leads back until the time is right for both parties Ensure your lead numbers are right and they are dealt with them in retevant time. REAI MIRE Maintaining a comfortable lead volume is best for your people, your business and your prospects. A in Decision Makers Finding the details of decision makers and getting through to them is vital to the sates process. Speaing to the right people makes a difference, so read on to find out Find decision makers on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter and find What constitutes a decision makes • How to exploit social media • The value of business mapping out who they know, You may be surprised! in fy If you take the time to uncover details and connections before angroaching a decision maker or inf influencer with your p product, you will be better equipped to convert them Use the available to ta track down research and contact decision makNs Going to the top of the tree isn't a fail-safe method, prior research into company structure will pay off. A in aare thi ta Business Targeting Every business has unique compleities. The number of people, tumover and offering should all infuence the decisions of your lead generation See how you can BUSINESS SIZE • Establish a framework • Categorise targeted businesses • Ensure quality leads When sales people are generating leads, they need to ask a series of questions to determine the vatue of the target. Without an idea of be categorised or dealt with effciently The answers and the toots to find them are both out history a there, are you using them TURNOVER 18 MILLION TURNOVER Enforce clear criteria se generation campaig dt result in poor leads CREDIT RATING DICELLENT Back to top Use social media and the internet to see which companies are expanding, investing or have new management structures. n in Location Targeting Whether international or local in scale, your location matters. Getting the most from your resources mears utilising this and exploring the following actions: Mind the Gaps - Map your offices, cienes and prospects to find any gaps in your lead generation • Mapping your eisting business • Fing gaps • Moving past saturation MIND THE GAPS If you have atways focused close to home, prospects you could easity futfL Don't let revenue, explore new territories and invest in your sales team may be missing out or location restrict your Your best locations may be saturated, so don't shy away from potential expansion Reiew your cumnt areas of business identity tresh opportunities. Back to top Are your larger clients close to your offices? If so, you may need to explore new opportunities. O in 8 artr Industry Targeting Determining it you can help a business is central to sales, but breaking Into an industry wil mean youte never short of targets. You can do this 50% 75% • Studying core & emerging industries • Spotting market trends • Comelating sector activity Analyse, anatyse and analyse some more Knowing relevant markets and spotting opportunities requires a reat understanding of your offering and of specific industry requirements. Regular reviews will open up an array of options and an insight into when diferent industries look to buy Quality industries ta lecate ew selling pessibties and brean new ground Don't miss out. Know your industries and their key purchase times. Make sure that lead generation happens during peak periods. n in Stare his tat Media & Social " IN THE LAND O OF THE BLIND, Prospect information is out there. Finding it and hamessing the full capabilities of social sites is increasingly important. Discover how you Set up alerts on news sibes • Ger the mont trom social neteorks • Give your people the information they need THE ONE-EYED MAN Leads can be idencifed, researched and communicated with through various media sources and social networs Salespeople should take any information they can find on businesses, their decision makers and WIS KING" activities then use this to their advantage Embrace these channels to give your sales tram a common pnd with prospects. Give your sales people the information they require by utiising media & socia Back to top By monitoring social media and the press you can gain an insight into the lives of key influencers. n in S a he ta DISCOVER THE PARETO Talk to us to find out how we can optimise your sales team. 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The Complete Guide to Lead Generation

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This interactive explores the whole lead generation process right from sourcing quality leads right through to targeting locations and businesses more accurately. This has already had a fantastic reac...


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