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Zombie Businesses

ZOMBIE 4 COMPANIES THAT CAME BACK TO LIFE AFTER ALMOST DYING BUSINESSES HOW WAS IT RESURRECTED? Ć APPLE UT-FACE FORTL 1997 Apple rehired Steve Jobs who immediately streamlined the business THE FALL OF STEVEA Apple fired Steve OBS Jobs in 1985. He cut Apple's product line from 15 down to 4 Why was Apple dying? Unified sales under an exclusive national dealer. LERIND THESCENES AT APPLE COMPUTER Rehired his old ad agency behind the unforgettable "1984" TV spot that launched the Mac Apple stopped making products that actually worked, Apple stagnated, PCs Marketing was focused around a single message "Think Different" campaign and Windows stormed the market. Terminated licensing deals that allowed Apple clones to be made and cut profits 1989 Macintosh portable US ĐPORTERS THE BOOM NEPENSVE CARS After he stopped the bleeding, he went on an innovative rampage Weighed 16 Ibs No backlight made it nearly impossible to read FORTUNE TOP 50 $6,500 Sorry, no beige. 1990 Macintosh portable discontinued 816M 1998 P1045B 1993 Apple Newton (PDA) 2001 wretched performance and dismal sales $309M 2003 1995 Apple Powerbook 5300 $601M Many units were shipped already dead Lithlon batteries caught fire $786M 8 2005 $25M 9 1996 Apple Powerbook 5300 recalled 2005 $65M 8 Attempts to improve Mac OS fail $69M 8 2007 1998 Apple Newton discontinued because Steve Jobs killed it $276M 2 2008 $1.335B g 2010 $1.989B 8 $3.496B 9 Think different: Apple's Income "from 1996 -2010 $6.119B 8 $8.235B 8 $14.013B E $25.922B E From 1932 to the late 1990s, LEGO WASA LEADING TOY MANUFACTURER, LEGO In the early 2000s, sales dropped 40% Why was LEGO sucking? Lego lost its core values: Tried to combat video games by entering the multi-media world. Wanted to be a lifestyle brand with its own lines pushing bankruptcy. of clothes and watches; it built theme parks. -$159.42M Lego sets became too complicated, nearly doubling in avg pieces from 7,000 to 12,400 IN 2003 SALES DROPPED 35% IN THE US -$329.24M AND 29% WORLDWIDE ACCUMULATING | $1 BILLION $36.49M BLAST BACK TO THE PAST OF DEBT AND NEAR BANKRUPTCY $219.96M 8 in March 2004, LEGO sold off every part of the business not integral to the core product. Lego's Income from 2003 - 2011 Return from the grave $175.27M Sold properties in the U.S., South Korea and Australia $230.52M RECESSION BEGINS Sold 4 theme parks Sold its videogames development division (now handled under licence by outside partners) $375.78M g Today, LEGO is the Average Pieces per set dropped back down to 7,000 MOST PROFITABLE and $633.92M Lego shed 1,000 employees and outsourced many of its processes, reducing numbers by a further 3,500 FASTEST GROWING company in the toy industry Product development halved from 2 years down to 1 year $709.28M Ford by 2005, Ford's corporate bonds had been downgraded to junk status, as a result of • High U.S. health care costs for an aging workforce. Why was Ford dying? • Soaring gasoline prices. • Eroding market share. • An over dependence on declining SUV sales. 1908 AD CAMPAIGN "even you can afford a ford" In 2006, Ford made a desperate "BET-THE-CcOMPANY" DECISION "a cushion to protect from a recession or other unexpected event." to mortgage assets, borrowing $23.6 billion -Mr. Mulally, Ford's newly appointed chief executive THE 2008 RECESSION BRINGS Ford finished 2008 with $24 $25.8 THE WORST NEW-VEHICLE MARKET IN 30 YEARS. BILLION BILLION IN DEBTS CASH ON HAND Due to the risky "bet-the-company" foresight, Ford was the only American automaker to survive the recession without filing for bankruptcy or receiving a government bailout. What restarted their engine? BY REFOCUSING ON THE CORE FORD BRANDS, AND ALSO SELLING: Beat out GM and Chrysler in creating new lines of more LAND -ROVER ASTON MARTIN VOLVO fuel-efficient vehicles JAGUAR Ford reduced its overall borrowing by 40% by giving cash and stock to debt holders as part of a revamping of its balance sheet. For the first time in 50 years (aside from a brief GM strike) Ford outsold G.M. in February 2010 FOR THE FIRST HALF OF 2012, the FORD FOCUS IS THE BEST-SELLING CAR MODEL in the world. evox images Ford climbed to #9 of Fortune 500 companies in 2012 $12.6B 8 Revenues Profits Ford's Income from 2006 - 2011 Exxon Mobil 452,926.00 41.060.00 2.7B 9 Wal-Mart Stores 446,950.00 15,699.00 Chevron 245.621.00 26,895.00 14.498B ConocoPhillips 237,272.00 12,436.00 4. General Motors 150,276.00 9,190.00 $3.026B General Electric 147,616.00 14,151.00 7. Berkshire Hathaway 143,688.00 10,254.00 Fannie Mae 137,451.00 -16,855.00 $7.149B Ford Motor 136,264.00 20,213.00 10 Hewlett-Packard 127245.00 7,074.00 $8.681B How did they get their groove back? Old Spice "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" ad campaign feat. football star Isaiah Mustafa day the campaign received almost 6 million views one Why was Old Spice dying? day old spice had 8 of the 11 most popular videos two on youtube Old Spice had powerful brand loyalty... from 73 years ago after the campaign had over 40 million views week one Twitter @oldspice up 2700% to 83,000+ followers Facebook fan interaction was up 800% website traffic was up 300% Their marketing was only appealing to an aging population. within The campaign generated 1.4 billion impressions six Body wash sales: months Their target audience was quite literally dying off. up 11% in the last 12 months up 27% in the last 6 months up 55% in the last 3 months up 107% in the last 1 month Old spice became the #1 body wash brand for men. When it comes to business. "NEVER MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE." - Gustavo Fring BESTACCOUNTINGSCHOOLS.NET DEVELOPED BY aMC HD N NOWSOURCING COK

Zombie Businesses

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Some companies understand the phrase, "Never make the same mistake twice". Here's a list of "zombie businesses" that nearly died and came back to life.


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