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Is Your Small Business Prepared for a Cyber Attack?

IS YOUR SMALL BUSINESS PREPARED FOR A CYBER ATTACK? As a small-business owner, you might think a cyber attack will never happen to you. There are so many bigger fish out there, right? Unfortunately not. around S0. of all cyber attacks IN FACT happen to small businesses.' So how can you stay protected? What can you do to improve your cyber security? A Does every employee have a strong password? VES More than half of all data breaches are caused by weak passwords, yet only 24% of smaller businesses have a strict password policy in place.? Ask your employees to use a password manager such as LastPass, which stores passwords and generates random ones across devices. Are your employees required to change their passwords regularly? VES Even with a password policy in place, 65% of businesses said they do not enforce it.3 Reset all passwords monthly to ensure all staff change their passwords on a regular basis. RESET 895xxxx When possible, do you use two-factor authentication? VES nO login Two-factor authentication adds another layer of security that reduces the risk of a password breach.4 Enable two-factor authentication where possible, for example by adding SMS authentication. Protecting your email accounts should be priority, as these are often gateways to other accounts. Do your employees use their personal smartphones for work purposes? VES All devices connected to the company network can be a potential threat, and smartphone malware infections rose nearly 400% in 2016, according to a report from Nokia.5 Give your employees secure work phones with a passcode. Install a security app that can wipe the phone remotely. Are you backing up your files? VES Ransomware can make your files completely inaccessible. Keeping offsite backups of the important files is the only way to prevent losing access. Make sure you have a system in place that saves important data in multiple places so you will not lose it in case of an attack. Kep local backups as well as on an offsite server. Does every company device have antivirus and malware software installed? VES Most cyber attacks can be prevented by getting right the basics, like proper and regularly updated security software.? Make sure all devices, even the ones brought in from outside, have updated antivirus and malware software installed. Check devices like flash drives before use. Have you limited the amount of employees with admin access to only those who absolutely need it? VES no Actively controlling the use of administrative privileges is one of the top five priorities that form the basis of cyber security, according to a 2016 report by Symantec. Give out administrative access sparingly, and be sure employees with admin access are well educated on security issues. Are your employees trained in recogniZing phishing emails? no VES The most common cyber crime affecting small businesses is phishing emails. They comprise 49% of all attacks.2 A phishing email can look scarily real. Make sure your employees check all unexpected emails with the sender, and instruct them not to click on any links or share sensitive information before getting clearance. ANONYMOUS Do your employees know never to give sensitive information to supervisors via email? VES no ? Spear-phishing attacks are the second most common cyber attack (37%) targeted at small businesses.? A spear attack involves the creation of an email address that looks genuine and is in the name of a colleague. Ask your team to double-check email requests for sensitive information, even if they come from supervisors. • edit hail Do you encrypt databases and customer information? nO VES Only 22% of small businesses report they encrypt databases. Without encrypting, your sensitive information will be accessible for hackers in case of an attack. Ensure all sensitive data (such as client information and important files) is encrypted. Try BitLocker for Microsoft PCs and Apple FileVault for Macs. Are your websites properly protected? VES More than three quarters of websites scanned over the past three years contained vulnerabilities, like an outdated operating system or plugins. Most attacks happen on Wordpress websites. Stay up to date on WP security best practices, keep backups, install updates as they become available and be aware of dodgy plugins. Wordpress has easy step-by-step security tutorials. GREAT WORK! Stay ahead of the latest cyber protection advice by visiting So make sure you're ahead of the game when it comes to cyber crime. Find out today where your online security gaps are and implement some simple changes. And don't forget to stay in the know about the latest protection advice by visiting regularly. SOURCES 1 Symantec (2016). Global cyber security threats, trends and insights. 2 Federation of Small Businesses (2016). Small businesses bearing the brunt of cyber crime. 3. Keeper Security (2016). The 2016 State of SMB Cybersecurity. 4. Gillin, P. (2017). Two-Factor Authentication: A Little Goes a Long Way. 5. Nokia (2016). Nokia Threat Intelligence Report - 2H 2016. 6. Symantec (2016). ISTR Special Report: Ransomware and Business 2016. 7. Mark Smith (2016). Huge rise in hack attacks as cyber-criminals target small businesses. 8 CSID (2016). State of Small Business Security. 9 Lindros, K (2017). A Small Business Guide to Computer Encryption. HEADWAY CAPITAL. This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-share Alike 4.0 International License - CREDIT FOR SMALL BUSINESSES BY SA TIP TIP TIP TIP TIP TIP TIP TIP TIP TIP TIP 国 |

Is Your Small Business Prepared for a Cyber Attack?

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Our new infographic provides both technical and procedural methods to protect your business from online crime. It includes a flowchart that makes it easy to assess your security, even if you’re not ...


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