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Your Small Business Guide to Google Analytics

= YOUR SMALL BUSINESS GUIDE TO = GOOGLE ANALYTICS Google Analytics is a powerful tool that allows you to drill deep into every interaction the outside world has with your website. You can use it to discover who your visitors are and what they like doing, then adjust your site to optimize its performance. It may seem complicated at first, but with our tips and some practice, you'll soon be a Google Analytics master. WHY USE GOOGLE ANALYTICS? Google Analytics can help you answer a vast range of questions you've been meaning to ask about the performance of your website - and perhaps a few you hadn't even thought about. About the sites that send traffic to your site About the users that visit your site - Which sites refer the most traffic and conversions to your site? - How many users visit your site? - From which device do they I Which social media channel refers the most traffic? access your site? - Which browser do your How successful are your paid advertising campaigns? visitors use? - What are the demographics of your site visitors? - What keywords find you the most traffic? About the different pages inside your site About the actions that visitors take on your site - How long do visitors spend on each page? - How long do they stay on your site? - What pages are most popular? How many pages do they visit? - Which pages do visitors navigate away from without exploring the site further? - How do your visitors behave on your site? - How many users fill out contact forms or leave information? - How effective are your landing pages? SETTING UP YOUR ACCOUNT In just a few easy steps, you can set up a Google Analytics account and get started. SIGN IN Go to the Google Analytics homepage," Sign in to Google Analytics. Create a 2 new username, or use another active Google account login such as Gmail, Google Drive or YouTube. Setting up your property Enter your website details, including its name and URL -E e t com try Catgery eporting Fine Zene (</> Add your Analytics tracking code to your site. This can be done in Add other users - like your web developer or SEO your website's content management system. manager - to your Google Analytics account in the "User Management" section. </> PRO TIP WordPress offers free plugins like Google Analytics for Wordpress, which automatically adds the code to the pages you select.* UNDERSTANDING GOOGLE ANALYTICS HOME From user demographics to goals and AdWord campaigns, the Analytics home page offers valuable insights into how your website is performing. O Analytics Home (2) Real-time user data - Users: Number of visitors to your site in the Jast 7 days. The number of active users of your site, page views per minute and 1 Sessions: A session is the entirety of activities a visitor undertakes while active on your site. your most active pages in real time. - Bounce rate: How many users arrive on a page and leave the site without visiting any other page. - Session duration: The average length of time spent on the site Gole Analytic Home 3 How do you acquire Where are 3.2% Om52s users? your users? The source from which The countries and visitors access your site, such as social locations where your visitors are based. media, paid ads, organic search, etc. 6 Active user trends (6 What pages do your users visit? The pages with the most visits within the The number of daily. weekly or monthly active users plotted on designated period. a graph. How do you retaln userst How are you performing against goals LI ul ul What are your top devices? The percentage breakdown of devices used to How are your Aoword campaigns performing access your site. $0.00 (8) How well do you retain users? 9 How are you performing against your goals? 10 How are your AdWords campaigns performing? Analysis into your number of return An overview into your goal completion, value and conversion rate. A snapshot of how your paid search campaigns are performing in clicks visitors. and revenue. FINDING YOUR SITE'S WEAKNESSES O FIND OUT YOUR NON-PERFORMING PAGES Having content that isn't working will clutter up your site and make it more difficult What paes do your users vist? to navigate. Pageviews Page Value 90.0 no-homework nteland 50.00 HOW TO ogrwesomemuniovisualetions 1.317 30.0 nbmindowingeptionogra Go to your Google Analytics Dashboard. intographicu/sofastacts aboutthe ocean 90.00 ogamanedentograhiea 753 50.00 ghowto be agma eriograp $0.00 tographic okerreedsoknow PRO TIP PAGES REPORT Last 7das Add underperforming pages together or remove them to streamline your website. 2 FIND OUT THE DEVICES YOUR VISITORS ARE ACCESSING FROM This allows you to optimize your website for the devices your visitors are using. What are your top devices? Sessions by device HOW TO V Visit your Google Analytics Dashboard. PRO TIP Use a device emulator, such as a User Agent Switcher, to see how Mobile 67% your site looks on different devices. MEASURE HOW MUCH TRAFFIC YOU GAIN 3 FROM SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS Identifying your most successful social media channel for referrals helps you to focus your actions to where they deliver the most value. Channels Acquitiom HOW TO V FEE Select Acquisition on the Dashboard, then All Traffic. Choose Channels, then Source/Medium. PRO TIP Need gift ideas? We have great presents for the whole family Come and buy your holiday gifts from us Keep social media messages short, but arouse curiosity so followers click-through to your content. 4 IDENTIFY THE PAGE(S) THAT USERS ARE BOUNCING FROM A "bounce" happens when a user arrives on a page but leaves the site without visiting any others. High-bounce pages negatively affect your chances of converting customers. 164,308 68.94% 113,279 40.45 % (164.30) HOW TO 70 ses 35.154 0 33 21 Select Content on the Analytics Dashboard. Choose Site Content, then All Pages. 3754 aa 74.5% 2477 1 71.54% 1,772 ( 50 99% PRO TIP 2411 (LA 1,582 (14 37 54% It takes 8 seconds 2.370 (14 for a visitor to decide to stay or leave your website. Create fast-loading and visually appealing landing pages that encourage further engagement with your site.11.12 FINDING OUT WHAT VISITORS ARE DOING ON YOUR SITE 1 DETERMINE YOUR RETURN VISITOR RATE Returning visitors accessed your site once and found enough value in it to come back a second time. New vs. Returning i Audience Overview HOW TO Select Audience on the Analytics Dashboard. Choose Behavior, then havior New vs Returning." New ys Retur PRO TIP 30% OFF Offer a discount on their next purchase or keep visitors informed about sales on items NEXT PURCHASE they were interested in to entice them to return. 2 FIND OUT WHERE PEOPLE ABANDON THE ORDER PROCESS Knowing where users bounce from can give you an idea of which stage in the order process most visitors decide not to proceed. HOW TO V Users Fters Profile Settings Set up a goal funnel. In the View column, click Let 2) Goal 6 Goals. GoelName Create a new goal with 2 the Goal Type of URL Destination. Time OnSta Page visit Event Sere Canoe Goal Funnel then y pegeigoal Ue funnel ..... ... Feasenotethat the funelsthat yoe defineh domain eg for a ep page hp/www.mysite Check the Use funnel 3 box to enter each of the URLS that correspond to the steps a visitor must take when purchasing an item." 4 Go through the report for a detailed breakdown of how far along the funnel visitors are getting and where they are falling off. PRO TIP Add an "Are you sure you want to exit?" pop-up on the order process pages to keep visitors on the page. Are you sure? 3 LEARN WHAT PATHWAY VISITORS TAKE THROUGH YOUR SITE Google Analytics' Users Flow option shows you a user's journey through your site, from source to exit. HOW TO V Select Reports on the Analytics Dashboard. Choose Audience, then User Flow. PRO TIP Measure the relative volum of page views coming from a specific social media channel or AdWords campaign by selecting that metric." SETTING GOALS FOR YOUR SITE HOW TO SET A NEW GOAL v STEP 1 V v STEP 2 V Go to the Admin button at the bottom left of the screen. Under View, click the Goals section. O Goel Setep Tem v STEP 3 V v STEP 4 v Click +New Goal. Choose from three options: use a goal template, create custom goals, create Smart Goals. CREATE A GOAL TO TRACK CONVERSIONS Using the goal templates, you can follow the specific conversions you're seeking, like an account being created, an order placed or a O Goal setup Template Revenue Acquisition share on social media. ORDER Inquiry Engagement TRY THIS Create a goal-specific page that opens after a visitor completes a specific action, such as a 'thank you' page. The number of times the 'thank you' page is visited will indicate your conversions. THANK YOU! BUY FIND OUT IF PAGE VIEW DURATION IS MEETING YOUR EXPECTATIONS Setting a minimum value for user engagement, such as average duration on a particular page, will allow Google Analytics to determine how different types of content are performing. GOOD TO KNOW Google's timestamp to measure session duration only works when a user moves to another page on the site. If they exit the site completely, the time for that page is not recorded." By leveraging the information that Google Analytics records about your visitors and their activities, you can turn your website into a powerful tool for growing your business. Whether it's understanding how visitors access your site, how long they stay or what part of your sales funnel is letting you down, harnessing the power of Google Analytics is vital for making the most of your online presence. SOURCES: Google. (2017) Google Analytics Solutions. "Hines, K. (2015) The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Google Analytics. "Megalytic. (2017) How to Set Up a Google Analytics Account, WordPress. (2017) Monsterinsights Google Analytics for WordPress. "Google Support. (2017) About Dashboards. "Google Support. (2017) About Real-Time. "Faucheux, M. (2017) Google Analytics New User Interface. How Has It Changed? "AGConsult. (2017) How to track down the least visited pages of your website and what to do with them. "Firefox Add-ons. (2017)User Agent Switcher. Harris, J. (2017) Simple Tips for Sleuthing Your Site Performance Using Google Analytics. "Cleary, L (2017) Understanding Google Analytics A Simple Guide to Advanced Terms. Optimize Smart. (2017) Reduce Bounce Rate in Google Analyties Through These 11 Powerful Methods. "pBS Interactive. (2016) Google Analytics Made Easy New Visitors vs. Returning Visitors, Kissmetrics. (2011)9 Awesome Things You Can Do With Google Analytics 5. Google Support. (2017) About the Users Flow report Saced, S. (2017) How to Create a Goal in Google Analytics to Track Conversions. "Lofgren, L(2012)4 Google Analytics Goal Types That Are Critical To Your Business. This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Atribution-Share Alike HEADWAY CAPITAL. 40 International License - CREDIT FOR SMALL BUSINESSES

Your Small Business Guide to Google Analytics

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There are myriad ways that Google Analytics can improve your business’s online performance. Use our guide to help you get started and find your way around, then start transforming your visitor data ...


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