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Is Your Site At Risk?

IS YOUR SITE AT RASK With search algorithms constantly evolving, the risk of harmful manual penalties continues to grow. These penalties result in a serious loss of rankings, traffic and revenue. 101010100 01010101 10 01 1010 010 0101010101 10101 1010101 010101 0101010 When was the last time you carried out an SEO audit of your site? 01010101 10010101010101010 When did you last check your backlink profile for risky or unnatural links? 101 010 101 10 1010 RISK 0101 1010 010101 010 1010101 1001010100IUI01010 0010101010101010 10101 101 101 101 01010101010 10101010 10100101 There are a number of different factors that could negatively affect your site both online and offline Unnatural Backlinks Is there a potential ranking penalty hiding in your link profile? Here are some of the types of link which could land you in hot water: Paid Reciprocal Links Guest Blog Links Posts Buying links is against Google's Webmaster Links from low quality Spammy link exchanges, link wheels and sites add little value to link-for-link schemes can be easily detected by Google your website and can be penalised by the search engines Guidelines NEW Press Release Directory Comment Links Links Spam Spammy links hidden in blog and forum comments could bring unwanted Google attention to Obvious advertorial Links from low releases with quality generic link exact-match anchor directories can be easily traced and offer little benefit text can cause serious issues your site When it comes to links, FOCUS ON Quality, not Quantity. Clean Up That Content Certain types of content can also have a detrimental effect on your website rankings: Auto Scraped Content Thin Auto-generated Content Content Copying content from other more reputable sites is not a smart strategy. You can even be penalised to users and are less if other sites do it to you Generated content, Pages with little to no textual content including blog and article spinning, add very little value goes against Google's quality guidelines valued by search and it goes unnoticed. engines Duplicate Copy Outdated Keyword Stuffing Content In order to add value to your site, each page should have its own Keep your content fresh and relevant to Spammy and unnatural content attract users and show search engines that you continue to provide value overfilled with unique content, with no similar pages on your keywords or links should be removed site or externally Y you find any of the above on your site, you may be at Risk! Manual Penallties Certain types of content can also have a detrimental effect on your website rankings: Google issues over 400,000 manual penalty orders every month!" Depending on the severity of the issue, it can take These penalties 80% have caused 會 businesses ORGANIC TRAFFIC.(2) to lose over OVER ALMOST 92%. of websites newer recover from a manual penalty.[3] YEAR to recover. l4] V action is not completely taken immediately, REMOVED your site may be from Google's index 3] Major Algorithm Updates </> Algorithm updates present even more potential for traffic loss. 51 PANDA Created to take down sites with low quality content Panda 4.0 in May 2014 targeted news aggregators, particularly those with duplicate content. PENGUIN Aimed at those violating Google's link guidelines and using black hat link bulding techniques Sites who suffer after a Google Penguin update can see their rankings and traffic disappear literally overnight. HUMMINGBIRD A new search algorithm used to better understand search queries and deliver more natural results. A month after it launched, the update had affected 90% of search queries.161 PAYDAY LOANS Focussed on removing spammy results from popular queries. The latest update, Payday Loans 2.O, targeted keywords with high search volumes. Don't Run The Risk! RISK What would an 80% drop in Could your business remain profitable without organic search traffic for a year or longer? Can you afford to suffer a manual organic traffic do to your business? penalty? Identifying the risks and protecting your site now is QUICKER, CHEAPER, AND LESS DAMAGING than suffering from a penally later and having to recover. Prevention is better than cure. For a free SEO Risk Assessment. Assess your risk and protect your revenue today. Visit: seo-risk-assessment/ 6 Ben Norman Ben is a leading UK SEO Consultant and has extensive knowledge of search engine marketing. A regular writer on the subject, Ben's first book, 'Getting Noticed on Google along with the second revised edition has sold in excess of 50,000 copies. A third edition, "Get to No.1 on Google in Easy Steps' is now available, which is packed with useful information for those looking to learn SEO. Sources: 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Is Your Site At Risk?

shared by harry.gardiner on Nov 11
This infographic covers all of the key areas that you need to consider for ensuring your website is safe from the latest Google algorithm updates.


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