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Your Marketing Strategy Is In The Mail

YOUR ROI IS IN THE MAIL Some people are saying that direct mail is a thing of the past-but before you bust your entire marketing budget in the digital realm-consider a few facts that might change your mind when it comes to weaving traditional and digital approaches together to drive your marketing efforts. 70- 80% OF CONSUMERS SAY THEY OPEN ALMOST ALL OF THEIR MAIL-INCLUDING "JUNK" MAIL* *According to the DMA's 2014 statistical fact book WHY DOES DIRECT MAIL STILL MATTER? DIRECT MAIL EXCEEDS EMAIL OVER 28X THE GROWTH OF DIGITAL PRINT IS EXPECTED $980 BILLION According to a 2014 Smithers Pira TO DRIVE THE GLOBAL PRINTING INDUSTRY TO market report by 2018 79% 51% E= OF PEOPLE PREFER DIRECT MAIL FROM OF CONSUMERS WILL ACT ON LOCAL SHOPS AND 48% FROM BANKS DIRECT MAIL IMMEDIATELY ONLY SAY THE SAME 45% OF EMAILS BANK According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMAI FOR 5,000 PROSPECTS 3.4% 175 RESPONSES FOR DIRECT MAIL response rate for existing customers with direct mail campaigns 65 RESPONSES FOR EMAIL 12% of typical email campaigns ... UTILIZING DIRECT MAIL TO SPUR VISITS TO YOUR WEBSITE REMAINS A VIABLE AND EFFECTIVE MARKETING TOOL WHY IS OMNICHANNEL MARKETING NECESSARY? 80% 385 29% of marketers planned to use 3 channels of marketers planned to run cross-channel marketing campaigns in 2014 e.g., email, direct mail, radio, TV, social media, PPC 38% 29% planned to fuse 4 channels together "According to a 2014 Experian Marketing Services Report DIRECT MAIL AND EMAIL: A POWERFUL COMBINATION RESEARCH SHOWS: E-mail in conjunction with a direct mail campaign Customers spend 25% more Prospects are 10 to 20% more likely to convert on a direct mail offer versus an e-mail offer achieves better when businesses use both direct • Brand awareness and recall • Increased ROI • User-friendly customer experience mail and email marketing KEEP YOUR OPTIONS OPEN FOR ALL AUDIENCES IN 2015, THE AVERAGE SAVVY CUSTOMERS WHO ARE PERSON IS RECEIVING WELL VERSED IN EMAIL AROUND 125 EMAILS PER 41% OF SENIORS 65+ DO NOT PRACTICES ARE BLOCKING DAY AND MANY OF THOSE USE THE INTERNET AT ALL OUT SALES MESSAGES WITH ARE GOING STRAIGHT INTO ADVANCED FILTERS THE DIGITAL TRASH CAN According to a 2013 Pew Research Center Report DIRECT MAIL IS PERCEIVED AS A DAILY GIFT. DIRECT MAIL CAN SEAMLESSLY CONNECT THE DIGITAL AND PHYSICAL WORLD TOGETHER TO CREATE A STRONGER BRAND EXPERIENCE FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS TARGET MARKETING AND ACCURACY FLEXIBILITY AND CUSTOMIZATION 70% of consumers are more likely to open mail with color text/graphics on the front before opening pieces with no headline/graphic DIRECT MAIL OFFERS PRINT TECHNOLOGIES CUSTOMIZABLE MAKE IT EASY TO CONTENT WITH CREATE CUSTOMIZED MULTIPLE ELEMENTS MESSAGING ON THE OF PERSONALIZATION OUTSIDE OF THE ENVELOPE INSERTS CAN REINFORCE YOUR MESSAGE WITH FACTS, FEATURES, AND TESTIMONIALS DON'T STICK TO ONE FORMULA HIGHLY MEASURABLE RESULTS DIRECT MAIL ALLOWS MAILINGS SHOULD MARKETERS TO SEGMENT RELATE TO EACH OTHER RECIPIENTS BY BEHAVIORS, TO REINFORCE BRAND DEMOGRAPHICS, AND IMAGE, BUT SHOULD VARY IN STYLE AND FORM GEOGRAPHY Indicating recipients' income, interests, location, etc. KNOWING EXACTLY WHO YOU'RE REACHING DISCOVER DATABASES THAT • Look-a-like customer lists HELP FILTER RESULTS BASED OFF OF YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS • Business prospect lists • Hotline mailing lists for major life event changes e.g. new parents, homeowners Purchase mailing lists to increase database numbers Develop in-house databases GENERATE MORE LEADS, MORE TRAFFIC, AND CONVERT MORE CUSTOMERS WHEN YOU INTEGRATE YOUR CUSTOMER DATA WITH EMAIL, TEXTING, WEBSITES 1. AND TRADITIONAL MAILING CAMPAIGNS HOW TO KEEP YOUR DIRECT MAIL INNOVATIVE AND TECH SAVVY DIGITAL CALLS TO ACTION CONTRARYTO POPULAR BELIEF-DIRECT MAIL DOESN'T HAVE TO BE BORING! 15:20 AM SMS TEXTING, AUGMENTED REALITY, AND NFC MOBILE INTEGRATION MAKES DIRECT MAIL COME TO LIFE Consumers prefer to respond to direct mail using web-based PERSONALIZED URLS (PURLS) DIRECT CUSTOMERS ONLINE TO: • Request or view more information • Receive coupons or discounts • Sign up for a contest services. Direct PURL response rates nearly 2X traditional direct mail pieces mail can be empowered with tools to help facilitate this online connection. Know who, what, when, and where in real-time by receiving immediate customer response information when you add a PURL to your mailing campaign Keep people in the loop by driving them to your website, blog, or social media channels DIRECT MAIL IS A TIME TESTED, RELIABLE METHOD, THAT GENERATES SUBSTANTIAL ROI AND RESULTS TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW YOU CAN ENRICH THE CONNECTION BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR CUSTOMERS THROUGH DIGITAL AND TRADITIONAL COMMUNICATION CHANNELS, VISIT WWW.UNITED-MAIL.COM UnitedMail SOURCES N NOWSOURCING

Your Marketing Strategy Is In The Mail

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Don't write off direct mail just yet. It's a lot more effective than you might think!


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