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Is Your Desk Destroying Your Productivity?

4 WAYS YOUR DESK DESTROYS YOUR PRODUCTIVITY "What was I doing? Oh yeah, the proposal. I think there was an e-mail about that. Oh geez, look at the time, I've got to work on that ... what was it? E-mail. No wait, proposal. Talk about proposal, look at that stack of papers I need to go through и Does this sound a little like your own unproductive experience at your desk? Don't blame yourself. Blame your desk. Here's the most common desk saboteurs, and how to combat them: DESK TOYS PILES OF PAPERS Desk toys are a really nice way to get those mindless breaks you need from work. The problem is that they are also a major A pile of papers on your desk is a constant reminder of everything else you need to do. distraction all the time, not The fix? Create just when you need it. That little toy is causing you to a single sheet to-do list, take "breaks" way too then file all épre OOO The fix? frequently to be productive. the piled up paperwork on your Keep the desk toy stored away in a cabinet or if you want to display it, put it on a shelf out of reach. desk into a cabinet and out of site. 24 MON nun CLOCK DISTRACTION CONSTANT SITTING Long periods of inactivity (except for sleep) are not good for your health or your attentiveness. Sitting and 12 / L 24 MON staring at a computer with the only activity being the click and clack of the key- board drains your mental sharpness. The mentar fix? Take regular Regular peeks at the clock can trigger over- whelming thoughts. If you want to be produc- breaks, every 50 minutes or so, and get active-go for a quick 10 minute walk, I or do push-ups and O sit-ups. tive you need to focus on one thing at a time. Contrary to popular belief, people cannot mul- titask. The fix? Put the clock out of your line of site. Use alarms on your computer or phone to ring at appointment times. Published on OPEN Forum Design by EMERRAN DRRESS Text by Mike Michalowicz

Is Your Desk Destroying Your Productivity?

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This infographic reveals the most common productivity thieves lingering on your desk—and how to deal with them.


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