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Your Complete Guide To Customer Experience

Your Complete Guide to CURIOUSRUBIK CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE CuriousRubik prides itself on providing exceptional customer service to all our clients all stages of the project life cycle. From sales to prototypes, from implementation to go live and ongoing customer support and customer advocacy, we're focused on providing you the best service experience possible. Take a look at what working with us is like! IMPLEMENTATION PROJECT MANAGER Hi There! I am your dedicated project manager who will be working with you for next 60-90 days to help implement and launch your NetSuite ERP and CRM system. Me and my team will help you refining your business processes, technical setup, configu through all major milestones to get you up and running successfully All CuriousRubik customers have a dedicated project manager to help make the implementation process as easier as possible tions, training guiding COMMUNICATION TOOLS You will have number of tools available to you while working with your PM during the launch of your NetSuite implementation Site Survey and Implementation Workbook Webinars Phone and Email You will be provided with set of business process questionnaires covering all the questions related to the configuration and implementation of Training and Demos - Any time you would like to see something in action or get examples, your PM will set up a webinar to walk you through it. 1-0-1 calls and emails - Your PM and Implemen- tation team will work hard to respond to your calls and emails as quickly as possible. Contact us anytime for any questions and concerns NetSuite STRATEGIC SETUP The Project Manager and Implementation team will setup and configure your NetSuite account based on your requirements from setup to testing and go live. MAJOR MILESTONES Introduce // Project This is where your project identity development begins. It starts with defining project goals, success indicators, process mapping and planning. This is the first phase in aligning your team and introducing the benefits of NetSuite for the company Educate // Employees This phase involves educating employees about benefits of your business transformation and cloud. This includes change management plan, training plans, process ownerships etc. in an easy to understand way. Mapping // Processes Articulating clearly all the business processes, mapping current requirements to future processes is the key to NetSuite ERP & CRM project. This phase involves documenting the business process, refining, redesigning to make them efficient and simple. Implement // NetSuite Inspire // Action Instill // Commitment This is where the PM and Implementation teams starts configuring the NetSuite system and mapping the process to technology. This includes solution design, automations, user's reviews, training, testing. As the final step and testing begins for your NetSuite system, this phase offers the steps for the final push, countdown materials to build buzz, action and momentum to complete your project As Go Live and Deployment is finalized, summarize the project goals and achievements to congratulate all departments, employees for a job well done and sets the stage for creating long term commitment. SUPPORT PROCESS SUPPORT PROCESS CuriousRubik prides itself on the support process available to customers. We work hard with users to resolve the post go live issues and ongoing support to ensure smooth functioning of NetSuite system. *.. Contact Us Timely Response Submitting a question or an issue is an easy! Email, call or chat with our knowledgeable help desk representatives. Your question or issue will be reviewed quickly, by a member of our support team, during business hours. We strive to respond most of the issues as quick as possible CuriousRubik support team will contact you via email or phone or chat to review your issues. We may request a web meeting to view your screen allowing us to better understand the issue CUSTOMER SATISFACTION We are here for you CuriousRubik support team will work harder to ensure our customers are provided best in class service. Plus we don't just say we have got great customer service, we measure it At CuriousRubik, a first rate customer experience is our top priority. We work hard to make sure your questions are fully answered and you are confident in using NetSuite to get the job done. Through Annual customer surveys, CuriousRubik aims to provide an overall customer satisfaction rating of 95% or more with the overall service experience. Contact Our Executives ON GOING CUSTOMER DEVELOPMENT CUSTOMER DEVELOPMENT Your customer development representative (CDR) is your long term contact who will maintain and develop your account by identifying needs and ensuring your long term expectations are met. Your CDR will monitor your NetSuite account and work with you to develop best practices, create efficiencies and help you maintain the overall health of your NetSuite account through the following Gather Feedback New Feature Account check In Calls One of our CuriousRubiks will. call you periodically to check in and see how your NetSuite account is doing along with quarterly follow-ups after completing the implementation Updates Reviews NetSuite releases new features and upgrades twice a year. CuriousRubik teams will work with you internal project manager to make you aware of all the new stuff. Your CDR will schedule time with You will always be able to provide the feedback to your CDR anytime. you on annual basis to strategize ways to improve the NetSuite system, business processes, and automations to improve the user experience and address any billing questions. OPTIMIZATION SERVICES In addition to top tier services and best in class solution, CuriousRubik offers additional services to keep your NetSuite system going strong and deliver the benefits that you deserve Process Redesign, Creation & Implementation Site Clean-Up and Administration Services User Engagements and Promotion Programs We will work with you to develop and implement right processes as your organization matures and processes evolve. We will help you identify the areas of improvement by auditing NetSuite account for roles, permissions, hierarchy, approvals, and workflows to optimize and maintain your site ongoing. We will help develop and deploy user adoption communications for your users including promotions, surveys, competitions and training. ONLINE RESOURCES Take advantage of the numerous online resources to learn ins and outs of the NetSuite system and learn more about the product and leverage resources you can use. Netsuite.CuriousRubik.Com - User Forums I CuriousRubik Ideas Got an idea or features that would The customer resource site for video tutorials, release notes, documentations, FAQS, recorded webinars and training resources Join the conversation on CuriousRubik blogs, social platforms and NetSuite User Groups to subscribe to latest discussions and ask questions to our subject matter experts. improve your NetSuite experience. We want to hear it! MEET US IN PERSON There is nothing like meeting up in person to get help in optimizing your NetSuite Account, learning about all that's new and upcoming ways to engage your users. 20 Come To Singapore Or New York Anytime Industry Events CuriousRubik regularly takes part in industry event related to NetSuite. We would be happy to have you join us with our other customers at these conferences. Let us know if you'd like to participate. You don't need a formal invitation to come and see us. We welcome you to our HQ anytime for training, account reviews, lunch, wine & dine or whatever. curiousrubik

Your Complete Guide To Customer Experience

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From sales to prototypes, from implementation to go live and ongoing customer support and customer advocacy, we’re focused on providing you the best service experience possible.




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