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Is your business ready to expand overseas?

PREPARE YOUR BUSINESS FOR SUCCESSFUL INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION Expanding your business internationally can create many opportunities for growth, but with it, comes challenges and risks. It is essential to have a clear international expansion strategy in order to minimise risk and ensure your business succeeds on a global scale. FTSE 100 & 250 COMPANIES INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION NUMBER OF WORLD REGIONS FTSE 100 & FTSE 250 COMPANIES HAVE EXPANDED INTO UK only 2 regions 3 regions 4 regions region regions 84 49 47 46 77 companies 44 companies companies companies companies companies HOW THEIR SHARE PRICE HAS BEEN AFFECTED BY INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION FTSE 100 & 250 SHARE VALUE (12 December 2012 -11 December 2013) % over or under average" 10 8 8% 7% 4 3% -2 -8% -4% -5% -4 -6 -8 -10 UK only 1 region 4 regions 5 regions regions regions IS YOUR BUSINESS READY FOR INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION? -0,94 10,011 46 1,715.40 5.63 1,800.00 What is the market size? 1,655.10 3,443.70 3.00 81.00 6,029.99 Big Small 1,833.98 4,703.98 3,821.20 10,026.80 1,050.90 Is the market profitable? 10.023.4 Yes No Can we develop sustainable competitive advantage? Yes No Don't expand internationally. Look at alternative growth opportunities. Your business is ready to expand internationaſly. WHICH REGION SHOULD YOU EXPAND INTO? NUMBER OF FTSE 100 & 250 COMPANIES THAT HAVE EXPANDED AND HOW THEY HAVE PERFORMED North America UK: No expansion Europe Best performance +10% 234 +1% above average 195 0% 84 average above average South America Africa Asia 117 -1% below average 107 Worst performance -9% 194 -1% below average below average ARE YOU READY FOR INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION? CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS Market growth & profitability Competitive advantage Market size Entry model Find out which businesses are already established and how you Make sure the market is Assess whether you are able to compete effectively in the marketplace based on cost versus profit? Is the sales potential sufficient to make it worthwhile? What entry model do we use? i.e. direct, N. franchise or agent? big enough for your growth plans and there is sufficient customer need. are going to differentiate from the competition. How rapidly is it growing? And what segments are most interesting? OTHER INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION CONSIDERATIONS Recruitment/ Talent Cultural differences Legal barriers Infrastructure Make sure you cover tax issues, pricing, security and privacy regulations to ensure there are no legal barriers to entry. Do we need new Consider the skills and Be aware of the cultural qualities you need from your workforce, and whether there is sufficient talent to meet office locations, staff differences and ensure they will not hinder your business objectives. and suppliers? your needs. WHITE SPАСЕ the market analysis consultants White Space helps businesses make better decisions, maximise revenue growth and improve business performance. White Space is relied upon by many of the world's largest companies and private equity houses, advising them on business growth in existing markets as well as international expansion. *% change figures to percentage points above or below the FTSE 350 average achieved by the group specified. Three companies were excluded from the analysis as data was unavailable. White Space has taken every care in compiling information and material. Theywill not be held responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused as a result of any inaccuracy or error contained in this infographic. Any businesswishing to expand internationally should seek professional advice before proceeding.

Is your business ready to expand overseas?

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Is your business considering international expansion? This infographic offers invaluable research to help your business make the right decision about expanding overseas, and which regions offer the mo...


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