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Your Business Needs Information Graphics

YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS INFORMATION GRAPHICS We live in an information-saturated world. For your business to succeed, you need to capture and hold the attention of customers long enough to get your message across. The big question is how do you get your message noticed, under- stood and retained? The answer is simple - leverage the superior communication powers of information graphics. WHAT IS AN INFORMATION GRAPHIC? A Powerful Combination An information graphic, also known as an infographic, is the combination of visual content, text and data to communicate complex information. DOCUMENTS INFORMATION GRAPHIC KNOWLEDGE COMPLEX DATA Two Infographic Types BEST MILKSHAKES OF ALL TIME GREATMILK GREAT MILK GREAT MILK GREATMILK BRAND INFOGRAPHIC EDITORIAL INFOGRAPHIC Information graphics that communicate brand-centric content to explain your business, product or service. Infographics that deal with content related to your industry. Used in your marketing strategy, your company becomes a publisher of valuable and interesting content. WHY SHOULD YOU USE INFORMATION GRAPHICS? Four Infographic Benefits The benefits of communicating with visual content explain why people have used information graphics since early humans created cave paintings. ENGAGING UNDERSTANDABLE People have an affinity for visual content. Information graphics stand out and get no- ticed in a world overloaded with information. People are visual learners. An infographic will increase access to your information using visual content to compare values, identify trends and add clarity. UNFORGETTABLE SHAREABLE Research has shown that people retain information better when visual content is associated with knowledge. An information graphic can easily be shared, go viral on the web and drive traffic to your website. WHERE SHOULD INFORMATION GRAPHICS BE USED? Leveraging the communication powers of visual content internally, externally, online and in print is critical for your business success. Business Communications ABOUT US PRODUCT SERVICE 2012 2000 EXPLAIN YOUR BUSINESS EXPLAIN YOUR PRODUCT EXPLAIN YOUR SERVICE An 'About Us' infographic on your website will clearly introduce your business to Diagrams emphasize what makes your product unique and important. Step-by-step visual storytel- ing will guide people through your process. customers. ASSETS STRATEGY STRUCTURE A+B +C- SUCCESS ANNUAL REPORT INTERNAL PRESENTATIONS COMMUNICATIONS Visual content will keep your audience engaged to improve information retention. Data visualizations will engage stakeholders and improve to information. Visual explanations will keep your team on point, motivated and informed. their access The social media ecosystem thrives on the sharing of visual content and represents an enormous opportunity to connect to a huge audience. Information graphics represent key currency in social media. Marketing on Social Media Facebook 1 billion users Twitter 500 million users 000 Instagram 100 million users 1 in 4 People on Earth will use a social network in 2014 Flickr 75 million users Pinterest 25 million users WHO USES INFORMATION GRAPHICS? Business leaders know the value of using infographics to focus their communications. Here are a few companies leveraging the power of information grapics: Successful Businesses AMERICAN EXPRESS ebay ESPN AT&T C-SPAN SAMSUNG ES Habitat for Humanity KAP. DESIGN SOURCES: "Neural correlotes of the episodic encoding of pictures and words' by Cheryl L. Grady, Anthony R. Mcintosh, M.Natasha Rajah, and Fergus I. M. Craik, Proc. Natl. Acad, Sci. USA Val. 95, pp. 2703-2708, March 1998 Psychology. "How Many People Use the Top Social Mediae, Facebook Helps Get One in Five People Worldwide Socializing on Online Networks' INFORMATION DESIGN - KAPDESIGN.CA ....... .............

Your Business Needs Information Graphics

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We live in an information-saturated world. For your business to succeed, you need to capture and hold the attention of customers long enough to get your message across. The big question is how do you ...


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