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You Are Using Your Email the Wrong Way

You're Using Email the Wrong Way. Stop Hurting Your Productivity! ... It's a common complaint that the email inbox takes a lot of productive time away from your regular workday. Ineffectiveness of Email WASTING TIME BAD INFO 14% of an employee's day is spent duplicating info and managing unwanted communications. 40% of staff time is wasted on reading and drafting internal emails that add no on 40% 14% value to the business. RESPONSE LAG RECOVERY TIME MANAGING INBOX Typically, 13 hours of your work week Half of all important emails require action besides reading, which 2 would be delayed by email digging. On average, your 15 staff will spend 15 minutes refocusing after handling email. 13 is dedicated to min 40 reading, deleting and sorting emails. of important email goes unread or is seriously delayed. 18% ONLY CRICKETS 18% Key Email Misuses The inbox is hurting your productivity because you're using email the wrong way. You're using email for announcements. 30% of recipients have deleted an email 30% announcement without reading, even if it was an email they requested! THE DREADED "REPLY-ALL" 90% of people copied on an email do not want to see replies to announcements. You're using email for conversations. - $16,000 per person per year is spent on paying employees to read and write Are all the unnecessary email. emails necessary? 36 Employees check their emails times per hour! EMAIL MAKES YOU DUMBER! You lose 10 IQ points when fielding constant email, the same as missing an entire night's sleep! 3 You're using email to store files and attachments 67 minutes a day is spent trying to find key information in email. Stop Misusing Email. Become a Positive Statistic! Be more productive with your work time – join thousands of winning teams to embrace mobile messaging. With business-focused messaging, keep the critical communication front and center, and out of the inbox. LEARN HOW TO WORK OUTSIDE THE INBOX Lua The Enterprise Communication Solution. Instant, Secure, Accountable. SOURCES The Huffington Post," You're Spending Way Too Much Time Checking Your Email" |, "Study: Employees Are Unproductive Half the Day" | messagemind, "Email Overload in the Workplace" | Pop Sugar, "6 Dreaded Reply All Sins" | MailChimp, "Common Rookie Mistakes" | Forbes, "5 Ways Email Makes Your Employees Miserable" | ZDNet, "Ineffective Email Use Costing Millions" | Atlassian, "You Waste A Lot of Time At Work" | Mashable, "Email Takes Up 28% of Workers' Time" 0 0

You Are Using Your Email the Wrong Way

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Email is inefficient. We produce this infographic to show you the major email misuses and pain points that erode employee productivity and cost significant amounts of money. Are you using email the wrong way?




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