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You Are Not Special But Your Purchases Are

you are NOT SPECIAL but your purchases are Can you guess the difference between these two customers? CONSUMER #1 PROFILE: CONSUMER #2 PROFILE: OTA. ANGET. 7100 SANTA MONICA BEVERLY HILLS, CA ESPORT RD. LE, KY 40207 08/01/12 10:28 RETURN BEFORE 11/01/12 8:59 PM RETURN BEFORE 11/11/12 SAVE CARD ID: N48576392 SAVE CARD ID: N9846787 001 SHOWER CADDY BL T $13.99 T $200.00 $49.99- P001 BABY CRIB 3000 MFR COUPON COUPON 20% OFF $249.99 002 MINI FRIDGE 3109,00 SALE $20.99- ORIGINAL PPCE $129.99 002 (4)20PK INFT DIAPER $37.96 (4)@ $9.49 BIG SVINGS! 003 GRAD PIC FRAME T $14.99 003 (3)20PK PLLUP DIAPER $47.97 (3)@ $15.99 004 TWIN SHEET SET T $17.99 1 004 YOGA PNTS SIZE 2 T $17.99 005 SUPERSTN CNTRLR T $14.41 TXT COUPON $3.58- T $64.00 $15.99- COUPON 20% OFF $17.99 005 HDdvd PLAYER MAIL COUPON COUPON 20% OFF $79.99 006 TWIX CANDY BAR $1.59 006 RUNNERS MAG $13.29 007 LAYS CHIPS SUBTOTAL $381.21 008 20 Oz. DR. PEPPER $1.89 RED CARD SAVINGS $65.98- $27.63 TOTAL $408.84 T-7.25X TAX SUBTOTAL $177.85 NEW RED CARD MMBR 10% OFF$17.78- Retailers can. After tracking purchasing habits through the barcodes on your items, retailers have enough info to develop consumer profiles. CONSUMER #1 PROFILE IS MOST LIKELY A. CONSUMER #1 PROFILE IS MOST LIKELY A.. HOW DOES IT WORK? Through Retail Brand INDIVIDUAL MARKETING STRATEGY 1. Establish the individual needs of each consumer These needs are based off of: -Past purchases (barcodes) -Have vs have nots -Complementary items Ш 2. Establish response to incentive vehicles sale ----- Which method of couponing is most convenient for the consumer? SAVE $10.00 3. Consumers recieve sales/deals specific to their life stage. on anything in the store with your purchase. Valid 8/9/2012-8/27/2012 127 54 320 Uud05 Is this strategy is a WIN/WIN ? Win for the consumer Win for retail brands using targeting practices Consumers received $4.6 billion in coupon savings in 2011. +334 revenue growth which :EE--- 12 TIMES the normal profit growth. of consumers reported using 79% coupons regularly. 10% increase in data accessibility More than 11/3 reported using more coupons than the prior year. X = an additional $1.2 billion annual sales for the retail industry. TRACKING CUSTOMERS. Is this method of targeting CREEPY? 64% 71“did not know a store can charge different prices to different people at the same did not know a Didn't Know supermarket can sell their purchasing info to other companies. time of day. 76%were bothered that others pay less for the 64% were bothered that others receive better coupons for the same products. What bothers customers same products. ONLY ONLY 34% think that it's ok for 28ieel it is ok for a the supemarket to keep detailed records of their purchases Not everyone is ok with this. supermarket to charge lower prices to loyal customers than infrequent customers "The pricing at grocery stores and other retailers is not transparent enough to give consumers any real power or choice." -Joseph TuroW, a Communications professor University of Pennsylvania TARGETING CASE STUDIES. Tracked: Discovered: Result: Domino's Pizza Dominos bases ad campaigns around local weather patterns. Pizza purchases based on weather More pizza is ordered when it's raining Tracked: Provided: Result: Target Identified 30% more guests to contact with profitable acquisition mailer. Purchases such as prenatal vitamins that indicate pregnancy Expecting mothers with coupons for baby supplies. Kroger Tracked: Provided: Result: 70%of customers who received the coupon mailings redeemed at least one of the offers sale How households respond to coupon customization Mails customers customized coupon sheets specifically for a household presented by developed by N NOWSOURCING

You Are Not Special But Your Purchases Are

shared by NowSourcing on Sep 11
Based on your purchases, companies are now able to select what kinds of coupons you should receive.





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