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The Worst Sales Promotions

The worst Sales Promotions Of all time KFC Snapple pepsi McDonald's Monopoly Every year McDonald's gives customers the chance to win cash prizes with their Monopoly game. $100,000 DAIL Between 1995-2001 the marketing companies chief of security Jerome P Jacobson discovered a flaw in the system and decided to steal the highest value game pieces. He passed out prizes worth $24 Million to friends & family. BONUS REMU 100,000 MAC (M Snapple World's largest Ice Pop The American drinks brand Snapple tried to break the world record for the world's largest ice pop erected. In 2005 in Times Square in New York the large ice pop melted, sending waves of sticky pulp onto the streets. Streets were closed off & firefighters called to hose the mess into the gutters KFC Oprah Gives away free UNTHINK chicken nunITETATC "THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW KENTUCKY GRILLED CHICKEN 2 PIECE MEAL COUPON! In May 2009 KFC decided to promote it's new grilled chicken by giving it away for free - advertising on the Oprah Winfrey show. NEW 2 PEs drilsd Chicha 2nduhalsts Kentucky Grilled ada ticsit FREE! PRINT COUPON NOW KFC underestimated the impact this had with 16 million people printing off the coupon - meaning their stores ran out before lunchtime! Tm we ie e see bet prer atteemecim Pepsi 'Number Fever' in the Philippines MOUNTE peW NUMBER FEVER Pepsi offered 1 million pesos to anyone in the Philippines finding a bottle cap with 349 printed on it. By mistake, half a million caps had 349 printed on them, which would have cost Pepsi $18 billion. Instead of fulfilling their prize money Pepsi paid out a few dollars on each cap costing them $10 million. What should they have done? To have avoided a costly outcome Keep a tight grip on security Prepare for all eventualities Map Prize Results Perform a risk Assessment Check Background of prize winners Perform a practice or test run if needs be Double check the Do not underestimate the prize likelihood power of promotion Promotional Insurance can help with the cost of mistakes Over Stock to ensure can fullfill needs This has been brought to you from A Sales Promotion Agency that can help reduce the risk of sales promotions EB

The Worst Sales Promotions

shared by jade5sparks on Apr 22
We take a look at some of the worst sales promotions of all time - which cost the companies millions. From the McDonald's Monopoly fiasco to the Snapple ice lolly meltdown. This has been brought to yo...






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