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World's Youngest Billionaires

The World's Youngest Billionaires Sean Parker Scott Farquhar Brian Chesky napster YAtlassian A airbnb Age: 35 Age: 35 Age: 34 Net Worth: $2.8 billion Net Worth: $1.1 billion Net Worth: $3.3 billion How they did it: In 1999, along with How they did it: Co-founded the How they did it: Brian Chesky, friend Shawn Fanning, Parker Australian business software Nathan Blecharczyk and Joe created the file-sharing service company Atlassian with Mike Gebbia made their fortune Napster. A few years later, after Cannon-Brookes after meeting co-founding the room rental seeing great potential in the whilst studying together at the service, Airbnb. The site allows company, Parker met with the University of New South Wales. The people to rent rooms in one founder of Facebook which was at company's services are now used another's homes over the internet the time still quite a new site. By the by over 35,000 companies and, as of this year, has now time Parker was 24, Zuckerberg had worldwide and is estimated to be surpassed 800,000 listings named him the company's worth around $3.3 billion. worldwide. founding president. Nathan Blecharczyk Eduardo Saverin Scott Duncan Q airbnb facebook Age: 33 Age: 33 Age: 32 Net Worth: $3.3 billion Net Worth: $5.4 billion Net Worth: $4.9 billion How they did it: Blacharczyk was How they did it: Eduardo Saverin How They Did It: As an heir to his another co-founder of Airbnb. The was originally one of the Father's (Dan Duncan) energy trio developed the idea behind the co-founders of Facebook until he pipeline empire, Enterprise business after finding success was eventually forced out by Mark Products, Scott didn't have to do renting an air matress in their Zuckerberg. By the end, Saverin had much to become a billionaire. He apartment during the time of a busy only been able to maintain less now helps to run the business with conference which saw all of the than a 10% share in the company. the help of his sisters and as they do local hotels sell out. The site is now He now makes his money through their net worth is continuing to worth over $25 billion. investments in international grow. technology start-ups. Ryan Graves Elizabeth Holmes Mark Zuckerberg theranes facebook Age: 32 Age: 31 Age: 31 Net Worth: $ 1.5 billion Net Worth: $4.5 billion Net Worth: $38.7 billion How they did it: Ryan Graves was How they did it: Elizabeth Holmes How they did it: Facebook. Need the first employee hired at the dropped out of Stanford University we say more? From a project popular taxi service company, so that she could focus on founding started in his Harvard University Uber. Interestingly he got given the her company, Theranos. The dorm room to a site which now job through responding to a tweet business creates cheaper and boasts 1.49 billion monthly users, by the company asking for tips easier to use blood tests and is a Mark Zuckerberg is the ultimate about a new product manager. He still-growing success. Holmes' young billionaire success story. The is now head of global operations for creation has the potential to site is now worth nearly $245 billion the company which is now worth revolutionise the way we practice after being created in 2004, just an estimated $50 billion. medicine and has seen her climb to nine years ago. be Forbes' youngest female billionaire in the world. Bobby Murphy Evan Spiegel Age: 27 Age: 25 Net Worth: $1.8 bilion Net Worth: $2.1 billion How they did it: Co-founded the How they did it: Co-founded mobile app Snapchat which is now Snapchat with Bobby Murphy after valued at around $19 billion and meeting at Stanford University. has approximately 100 million monthly users. Milestones (Average age of milestones based on a study of over 2000 people in the UK) Born First Kiss First Full Time Job 15 19 Age Scott Duncan Sean Parker Elizabeth Holmes As one of three heirs to a $12.4 At the age of 15 Parker was already At the age of 19, Holmes dropped billion pipeline empire, Scott so familiar with the digital world that out of Stanford and founded the company that she would develop to be Theranos. It is this business Duncan was essentially born a he was hacking his way into the billionaire. networks of various organisations around the world. At this age he which has seen her become the also met Shawn Fanning who he world's youngest female billionaire. would later work with to create the file-sharing service Napster. Pass Driving Test 21st Birthday Move Out / Buy First Car 20 21 22 Bobby Murphy Scott Farquhar Eduardo Saverin At the age of 20, Murphy met his Recieved an email from Saverin was forced out of the future partner Evan Spiegel at the Cannon-Brookes inviting him to company he had co-founded with Kappa Sigma fraternity house at co-found a company. The email Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook). He Stanford University. One year later read; "Bored of studying, Atlassian is was given 3 million shares of they developed the idea behind far more interesting", Farquhar common stock in the company so "Snapchat' which would come to agreed to join and they began long as he handed over all earn them billions. creating a company now valued at intellectual property and gave all $3.3 billion. his voting rights to Zuckerberg. Get Engaged Get Married Have First Child 25 27 28 Nathan Blecharczyk Ryan Graves Brian Chesky First launched his company, Airbnb, Wrote a tweet which changed his Chesky and the other co-founders with co-founders Brian Chesky and life. In 2010, the CEO of Uber of Airbnb received $20,000 of Joe Gebbia. The business is now tweeted that they were looking for funding from an angel investor, Paul valued at over $25 billion. an entrepreneurial product Graham, which led to a further manager. Ryan Graves responded; $600,000 from venture capitalists "Here's a tip. Email me" with his and helped get their business off email address attached. Just like the ground. that, Graves was on his way to becoming one of the worlds' youngest billionaires. Buy First House Start Earning Average Wage (£26, 500) 29 30 Elizabeth Holmes Mark Zuckerberg Announced a 'long-term His net worth reached a massive partnership' with Walgreens, the $36.4 billion largest drug retailing chain in the United States. This partnership has created the opportunity to put Theranos (her company) within five miles of every American. Sources: Lottoland Billionaire Average Person

World's Youngest Billionaires

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An insight into the lives of the worlds' youngest billionaires compared to that of the every-day individual. Whilst the average person will enjoy the common milestones of their first kiss at 15 or mov...


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