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The Worlds Richest Hedge Fund Managers Exposed

THE WORLDS RICHEST HEDGE FUND MANAGERS exposed THE TOP EARNERS This list shows how much the biggest earners in the hedge fund industry took home in 2011. Not bad considering the average hedge fund dropped 5% in value. Born in 1949, Ray Dalio is an American that has been investing since the age of twelve. He now runs the largest hedge fund in the world. $3,000,000,00. RAY DALIO ....*...***"" Mathematician and former codebreaker, Simons $2,100,000,000 JAMES SIMONS became a pro at finding inefficiencies with computer models and built up a $20bn fund. و مو مو مو مو م مو مو مو مو مو مو مو مو مو مو مو مو مو مو مو مو مو مو مو مو مو مو مو مو مو مو مو م مو م م م م م م مم - Carl Icaha has been investing for over 30 years now and has amassed a net worth of over $30bn. $2,000,000,000- 3. CARL ICAHA Not bad for someone who never graduated. A poker fan and economics graduate, Cohen opened his first brokerage account with his student loan. He is now worth more than $8.3bn. $600,000,000 STEVE COHEN Computer scientist Shaw is no longer involved in his company "D. E. Shaw & Co, despite that he still $580,000,000 DAVID SHAW earned a massive $580bn in 2011 Chase Coleman is one of the younger members of 6. CHASE COLEMAN the top 10 aged just 36. He made investments in tech companies Facebook, Zynga and Linkedin $500,000,000 Florida born Kennith Griffin is the founder and KEN GRIFFIN CEO of Citadel LLC. Starting his first funds while still at Harvard, he is now worth $2.3bn. $400,000,000 *********.**** Howard's relatively new outfit - Brevan Howard Asset Management, made him a cool $400 million after relocating to Geneva. $400,000,000 8. ALAN HOWARD *******..***** After making Enron nearly three quarter of a billion dollars, Arnold founded hedge fund Centaurus using his 8m bonus $360,000,000 9. JOHN ARNOLD Kovner's fund generated more than $12bn in net gains before he retired in Sep 2011. Kovner made his first trade on credit card in 1977. $210,000,000 10 BRUCE KOVNER A TYPICAL BILLIONAIRE HEDGE FUND MANAGER... BASED ON 201l's TOP 40 EARNERS IT'S VERY MUCH A MANS WORLD. Out of the top 40 hedge fund managers we looked at, only one was a women. MEN 98% 2% WOMEN Leda Braga is based in Geneva and is head of the biggest BlueCrest fund. She earnt $50m in 2011. EXPERIENCE COMES WITH AGE. The majority of fund managers are aged over 50. 60 - 70 50 - 60 10% 30% 13% 40 - 50 20% 27% 30 -40 70 - 80 AND THE WINING BETS WERE... IN TOTAL THEY MADE Heres some of the biggest and most successful investments that were made by the top managers. Tech companies clearly triumphed featuring frequently in the list. $13,160,000,000 13 BILLION USD Zynga ZNGA THATS OVER Linkedin LNKD OR EQUILIVANT TO THE GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT OF El Paso Corp EP BARBADOS, THE MALDIVES, FIJI Microsoft Corporation MSFT AND TOGO COMBINED Wells Fargo G Company WFC Coogle COOG IN ONE YEAR ALONE. News Corp ON THE AVERAGE U.S. TEACHERS SALARY IT WOULD TAKE NWSA YOU Apple AAPL 305,336 YEARS COMPANY SYMBOL TO MAKE THE SAME AMOUNT * Based on the Farbes 40 highest earning hedge fund managers Data Credits International Monetary Fund 2. 4.

The Worlds Richest Hedge Fund Managers Exposed

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Just how much to the worlds leading hedge fund managers make? This infographic breaks down the top earners and examines just how much they made and how they did it.


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