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The World Wide Public Policy of Auto Insurance

The World-Wide Public Policy of Auto Insurance Average Ireland: Cost of car insurance can vary by over €1,000 for the same coverage throughout Ireland. Canada cost of auto insurance is affected by: driving record - level of experience - age - location - car type - use of car Germany: Average cost of car insurance ranges from €1200 - 1400 anually. India: Insurance costs in India depend on a variety of factors including location and type of car. United Kingdom: Car insurance costs over €1,000 each year Indonesia: Vehicle registration, which includes 3rd party insurance, is 10% of the value of the vehicle. Australia: Car registration costs: Kansas $1,524.51 Kentucky $1,515.30 Colorado $1,480.97 Mississippi $1,474.94 New Jersey $1,473.73 New York $1,463.21 Texas $1,462.65 Florida $1,453.20 Pennsylvania S1,420.78 Delaware $1,405.80 Missouri $1,390.59 Minnesota $1,381.09 Alabama $1,380.38 North Dakota S1,365.22 Hawaii $1,306.97 Indiana $1,302.51 Nevada $1,282.50 $230 + additional 3rd party insurance fee: $500 + vehicle inspection: $30 + any personal property insurance:$250= $1000/year South Africa:A levy of 46.5 cents per liter of gas pays the auto insurance for all drivers Australia: When you register your car in Australia, 3rd party personal insurance is included in your fee. Meaning, no matter what, in Auustralia drivers are insured. Canada: In Canada, major provinces provide a public auto insurance system, similar to their health care system, while the rest of the country supplies private insurance. Germany: Since 1939, 3rd party personal insurance has been a requirement just to own a car in Germany. Indonesia: A vehicle is not considered legal unless insured in Indonesia, luckily 3rd party insurance is included with the vehicle registration fee. India: India is a hub for auto insurance, with private car insurance, two wheeler insur- ance, and commercial vehicle insurance, at least one of which is required for any car owner to drive legally. Ireland: In Ireland, drivers can become exempt from car insurance requirements, by depositing a large sum of money with the High Court should any claims come up against them. To make a deposit, a car owner must obtain consent of the Minister for transport South Africa: In South Africa, a percentage of the profits gained from gas is partitioned into the Road Accidents Fund, which pays for any 3rd party accidents or injuries. Did you know? 818 United Kingdom: In the UK, drivers must have at least 3rd party personal injury insur- ance, have a security, or deposit funds (up to 500,000 £ with the Accountant General of the Supreme Court. Auto insurance is usually lower for married couples than those who are single. There are many reasons for this, one of which is the fact that marriage often indicates stronger financial stability among drivers. OBDII usage-based insurance systems transmit speed, time of day and number of miles the car is driven to the insurance company. Cars that are driven less often, in less risky ways and at less risky times of day can receive large discounts. United States: Throughout the US, different states have different requirements for auto insurance, with private companies competing for customers by undercutting prices. Cost of Insurance by State uch does it cost to register_a car in australa-gral11983tmi antwsrancein gemany28offser%29/20

The World Wide Public Policy of Auto Insurance

shared by kcatoto on Jan 28
Here is shown the auto insurance public policy worldwide indicating the average cost of insurance, per state and country.


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