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The world of spreadsheets

THE WORLD OF SPREADSHEETS Spreadsheets support strategic decisions in more than 90% of all companies. Spreadsheets can be complex and this often leads to errors, and causes employees to lose time figuring them out. How to lose less money and energy on your spreadsheets? WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT SPREADSHEETS 11111 5 years Spreadsheets can have a long lifespan: An average spreadsheet stays in use for 5 years 11 tabs Spreadsheets can grow large, they have 11 worksheets on average, and contain about 500 formulas 88% of the total amount of spreadsheets contain errors 3 of 1000 formulas have missing values WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT THE CORPORATE USERS 95% of the American companies use spreadsheets for financial reports 55 million TTTTTT 61% of the American workforce, which accounts to 90 million people, use spreadsheets 2 days The average employee spends 2 days a week working on spreadsheets 50% of all the financial decisions are based on spreadsheets As a result of this $10,000,000,000 is lost every year THERE IS A SOLUTION Infotron spreadsheet analyzer A well organized and error Your spreadsheet database free spreadsheet database TIPS TO IMPROVE YOUR SPREADSHEETS Split complex formulas into smaller parts: this way you limit the number of operations 2. Use one formula per row or column: this helps to prevent confusion Avoid the use of fixed numbers in a formula: put constants and assumptions in one central place Over the past 4 years we have done research at TU Delft. We have published several Powered by infotron scientific papers. We have analyzed over 3 million spreadsheets of more than 50 different companies and used the results to fine tune our analysis tool. That's why we know what we know. Sources B. Rittweger and E. Langan (2010), Spreadsheet Risk Management in Organisations M. Hall (1996), A Risk and Control-Oriented Study of the Practices of Spreadsheet Developers F. Hermans et al. (2011), Supporting Professional Spreadsheet Users by Generating Leveled Dataflow Diagrams F. Hermans et al. (2010), Automatically Extracting Class Diagrams from Spreadsheets C. Scaffidi et al. (2005), Estimating the Numbers of End Users and End User Programmers Created by The Inspiring Company ШПШ

The world of spreadsheets

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It is estimated that 88% of all spreadsheets contains an error. Yet, spreadsheets support strategic decisions in more than 90% of all companies. Spreadsheets can hence form a risk for companies. Th...






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