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The World’s Most Famous Christmas Trees - Infographic

THE WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS CHRISTMAS TREES WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CHRISTMAS TREES The first decorated Christmas tree was Riga in Riga, Latvia in 1510. In 1900, large stores started to erect big illuminated Christmas trees. Christmas trees take an average of 7-10 years to mature. In the first week, a tree in your home will consume as much as a litre of water per day. Over 100,000 people are employed in the Christmas tree industry. The average price of a real tree is $40 (around €30) THE 10 MOST POPULAR TYPES OF CHRISTMAS TREES THE WORLD'S TALLEST ARTIFICIAL CHRISTMAS TREE FEATURES Reforma Avenue, Mexico City It is covered in 1.2 millien lights, using 80 kilometres of cabling. f Height: 110 metre FACT! It was officially recognised as "The World's Tallest Artificial Christmas Tree" by the Guinness Book of Records in 2009. THE BIGGEST FLOATING CHRISTMAS TREE FEATURES Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil It has a grand total of 3.3 million lights. I Height: 85 metre FACT! This tree is a major attraction for tourists visiting Rio de Janeiro during the Christmas holidays and has been a tradition for the city since 1996. THE "GREENEST" CHRISTMAS TREE EVER FEATURES Kaunas, Lithuania It is made entirely out of 40,000 recycled green bottles and zip ties. 1 Height: 13 metres FACT! At night, it is lit from the inside resulting in an impressive, translucent emerald green Spruce tree. THE ROCKEFELLER CHRISTMAS TREE FEATURES New York City, United States It is typically a Norway Spruce and consists of 45,000 multi-coloured, LED lights. The "Swarovski Star" that has topped the tree since 2004 is 2.9 metres in diameter and weighs 250 kg. Height: Usually 21 to 30 metres FACT! In recent years, the switching on of the lights on the Rockefeller Christmas tree in late November has been broadcast live nationwide on NBC's Christmas in Rockefeller Centre show. A DIGITAL CHRISTMAS TREE FEATURES This "social tree" as it was called, was a once-off installation created in 2011 by Heineken in partnership with Facebook. It consisted of 48 LED screens. Clarke Quay, Singapore inel I Height: 11 metres FACT! The social tree enabled people to broadcast Christmas greetings exchanged on Facebook in the public space. THE MOST STYLISH CHRISTMAS TREE FEATURES Galleries Lafayette in Paris, France The department store's Christmas tree is usually decorated to the highest standard. In past years, trees have been decorated by leading brands such as Swarovski and Swatch. Height: Approximately 21 metres FACT! This year, the Galleries Lafayette is taking on the theme of a "Monster Christmas" and in an unusual twist, the Christmas tree is standing upside down in the department store! THE LARGEST FIBRE OPTIC CHRISTMAS TREE FEATURES Hong Kong, China Contains over four million fibre optics that change colour. I Height: Approximately 21 FACT! Sir Charles K. Kao, fondly known as 'The Father of Fibre Optics', and the 'Godfather of Broadband' unveiled the tree for the first time in a ceremony in 2010. Present Time A Gift For Everyone References December-2011/Heineken-To-Unveil-World-s-First-Social-Christmas-Tree fiber_optic_Christmas_tree_Hong_Kong_mall_set_world_record_101988.html FRASER FIR DOUGLAS FIR BALSAM FIR COLORADO BLUE SPRUCE SCOTCH PINE EASTERN RED CEDAR WHITE SPRUCE EASTERN WHITE PINE WHITE FIR OR CONCOLOR FIR VIRGINIA PINE

The World’s Most Famous Christmas Trees - Infographic

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Christmas trees come in all shapes and sizes and it’s fair to say that some places go above and beyond to wow when it comes to their tree. Our infographic reveals some of the most original Christmas...



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