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Workplace Incentives: How Are Companies Keeping Their Talent?

WORKPLACE INCENTIVES: How Are Companies Keeping Their Talent? From on-site laundry service to made-to-order sushi, the following companies offer their employees some serious perks. But do companies know what their employees really want? One age-old study says otherwise. WHICH COMPANIES PROVIDE THE BEST EMPLOYEE PERKS? Companies often use perks and incentives to make sure their talented employees never leave. But some of these perks mean that employees literally never have to leave. Google: Lacking Nothing Johnson: Concierge Service 30 lb. It's no wonder why Google employees love their jobs - the perks are nearly endless: An on-site concierge will do just about anything for employees-including taking their cars to get an oil change, picking up dry-cleaning, and delivering groceries. Retirees also receive a lifetime gym membership. • Free food from a choice of 16 gourmet cafes representing all sorts of cuisines • Dogs are allowed in the office • Subsidized massages are available on-site • Free laundry machines • On-site gyms • On-site doctors facebook: Employee's Paradise NETFLIX: Vacation Placation • Free food • $3,000 reimbursement for childcare • 21 days PTO, 11 paid holidays, and unlimited sick days • Four months paid maternity/paternity leave Work at Netflix and there's no need to request days off. That's because there's no vacation policy. Employees have no limit to the number of days they can take off, as long as they get all their work done. And If employees want to wear vacation clothes at work, not a problem; there's no dress code. QUIKSILVER: Surf's Up Genentech: Family First Being located near the beach has its perks. When the waves are good, Quicksilver employees are encouraged to take some time out of their day to get barrelled in the surf of Huntington Beach-otherwise known as Surf City, USA. Among a variety of company-wide benefits (like free made-to-order sushi), the San Francisco Bio-tech giant offers employees free child and doggy daycare while they are working. Microsoft: Party Bus MillerCoors: Pub Club In Washington, Microsoft provides free transportation to local employees. Dozens of Microsoft-owned buses, equipped with WiFi, take employees directly to the office. What would a beer company be without offering its employees some suds? An on-site pub serves 13 different beers on tap. Talk about a good time. sas: Health and Wealth This software firm, which recently reached the top spot on CNN's top 100 best companies to work for, offers what seem to be endless perks. Some perks include: • On-site healthcare • Childcare and summer camps • Beauty salon • Car cleaning WHAT INCENTIVES DO EMPLOYEES WANT THE MOST? Hard incentives aren't necessarily the best way to make employees happy-but they certainly help. Here are what employees say will make them happy, and what employers think will make their employees happy: Bood Jeb:! 000 What Employees Say They Want What Employers Think Their (#1 is most important, #10 is least important) Employees Want Full appreciation for work done 1. 1. Good wages Feeling “in" on things 2. 2. Job security 3. Promotion/growth opportunities Sympathetic help on personal problems 3. Job security 4.- 4. Good working conditions Good wages 5.- 5. Interesting work Interesting work 6. 6. Personal loyalty to workers Promotion/growth opportunities 7. 7. Tactful discipline Personal loyalty to workers 8. 8. Full appreciation for work done 9. Sympathetic help with personal problems 10. Feeling "in" on things Good working conditions 9. Tactful discipline 10. There is obviously a disconnect between employers and employees. Employers believe that monetary compensation is the main thing their employees desire, while employees actually want to be appreciated, cared for, and "in" on things. Yes, offering practical benefits is an excellent way to show employees that they are valued. But companies must not stop there; they must show their workers that they are appreciated, valued, and an important part of the business. Sources: 1946 - Foreman Facts, from the Labor Relations Institute of NY

Workplace Incentives: How Are Companies Keeping Their Talent?

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From on-site laundry service to made-to-order sushi, the following companies offer their employees some serious perks. But do all companies know what their employees really want? One age-old study say...


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