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Workplace Discrimination

4 WORKPLACE DISCRIMINATION 1965 MPLOYMENT The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) was founded in 1965, thanks to the Civil Rights Movement. The EEOC is responsible for making sure that employers DO NOT discriminate because of... Race/Color Religion Disability/ Genetic Information National Origin Age (40+) Sex ( including pregnancy and orientation) Charges of Discriinination 99,947 80,680 23.9% 1997 2011 -The largest number of charges in 2011 were for: TERMINATION Retaliation Race/Color Sex/Gender What is Discrinination? A Muslim woman won a suit against a Fortune 500 company after being harassed by her boss and coworkers on the te/ basis of her religion. Once, her boss even snatched off her headscarf. Firefighters in Jacksonville, FL were sued for engaging in intentional racial discrimination in the promotion process. A former bartender was fired from her job after her manager found out she was pregnant. Pregnancy-related work discrimination cases have soared 50% since 2000. In an attempt to combat this trend legislators have introduced the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. What Discrimination Isn't Questions related to job performance: IMOVERS for instance, if the job has physical requirements Both video interviews and video resumes are EEOC compliant Pre-employment exams and disability-related questions can be made after an offer, if all employees are subject How to Avoid Discriinination V Establish written, objective criteria for evaluating candidates and apply this to everyone Ask the same questions to all applicants, regardless, to ensure no discriminatory questions are asked Spring for in-house training so employees and hiring managers know to spot discriminatory practices and stop them Implement best practices to increase employee morale, add to a positive company reputation, and reduce any legal costs by as much as 50% “Hiring tools don't discriminate, people do." spark http://eecc gov/eeoc/history35th/history/index. html http://eecc gov/eeoc/statistics/enforcement/charges.cfm http:/ %20Employment%202009.pdf http://www.eeoc.gow/eeoc/statistics/enforcement/index.cfm http://www.eeoc.gow/eeoc/statistics/enforcement/all.cfm http:/www.eeoc.gow/tacts/qanda.html http://www.eeoc.gow/eeoc/foia/letters/2010/ada_gina_titlevi_video_resumes.html http://eec gov/eeoc/newsroom/trelease/4-30-12b.cfm pontak-pregnant-ba_n_1506976.html?ref=chicago http:/www.eeoc.gow/policy/docs/best_practices_religion.html http:/ Categories/Human_Resources/Research_Reports_- _Surveys/AvoidDiscrim_Estract pdf SOURCES: NOISSINWO nOa n OPORTU

Workplace Discrimination

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Charges for workplace discrimination keep going up -- that is why it's crucial for every business to know what isn't considered discrimination and how to avoid workplace discrimination by using the right tools.


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