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Working Hard To Get Hurt Less - A Snapshot of Workplace Injuries In The U.S.

WORKING HARD TO GET HURT LESS A SNAPSHOT OF WORKPLACE INJURIES IN THE UNITED STATES Over the past 45 years, countless safety managers, workers, and companies have taken great steps to heighten awareness and improve safety conditions at workplaces across the U.S. Before OSHA was founded in 1971, it was estimated that 14,000 workers were killed on the job every single year. Greater access to safety equipment and improved education has reduced the annual number of deaths each year, but until that number reaches 0, there is always more progress to be made. WORK-RELATED INJURIES BY THE NUMBERS DOWN 4,405 5% Fatal work injuries From 2012 MMM MMM 2013 3.5 Nonfatal Work-related Injuries or Illnesses per 100 Employees 5.1% 94.9% Everyday over 9,000 Over 500,000 are illnesses 2.9 million are injuries workers suffer a serious work- related injury. IMPACT OF WORKERS' COMP ON BUSINESSES $60 Lost productivity due to injuries and illnesses costs employers BILLION EACH YEAR. $50.8 Economic costs due to BILLION deaths and injuries total $142.2 is spent each year on wage payments and medical care for injured employees. BILLION EACH YEAR. %24 Businesses spend $170 BILLION A YEAR on costs associated with occupational injuries and illnesses. While countless improvements have reduced the number of fatal injuries from 38 per day to 12 or fewer, the ever-elusive zero is a possibility on the horizon. Reducing fatalities and injuries in the workplace should be one of our top priorities. FATAL INCIDENT TYPES 40% Transportation 1,923 17% Violence in the Workplace 753 16% Contact with Objects and Equipment 717 16% Falls, Slips, and Trips 699 Exposure to Harmful Substances/ Environments 7% 330 3% Fires and Explosions 148 FATAL INCIDENTS BY INDUSTRY Trade, Construction Transportation, and Utilities 18% 796 26% 1,153 Natural Resources and Mining 14% 633 Professional and Business Services PRIVATE 9% 408 INDUSTRY Information Manufacturing 7% 1% 39 304 Financial Activities Leisure and 2% 84 Hospitality 5% Educational and Health Services Other Services 202 3% 131 4% 179 NON-MILITARY GOVERNMENT 2% 3% 6% 70 124 281 STATE FEDERAL LOCAL DRIVING SAFETY IMPROVEMENT FORWARD Employers should always strive to go above and beyond the legal requirements of safety. GATHER INFORMATION ESTABLISH A SYSTEM EXPAND WISDOM ANALYZE YOUR WORKPLACE CREATE A WORKSITE POLICY TRAIN EMPLOYEES ON ON SAFETY AND HEALTH SAFETY AND HEALTH • Confirm all workers read / understand safety and health documents • Conduct surveys to identify • Train all new employees • Continually remind employees of work safety policies • Ensure supervisors and others in charge know policies thoroughly hazards and create worksite policies • Encourage employees to report misconduct or irresponsibility • Investigate accidents to make sure they don't happen again • Keep first aid kits easily • Establish clear safety goals for everyone to meet • Assign safety responsibilities throughout your workforce and hold workers accountable • Review progress regularly to ensure goals are met accessible • Create procedures for emergency response Improving safety, one workplace at a time, is slowly and steadily reducing work-related injuries. Is your workplace up to standards, or is it part of the problem? After you've worked to eliminate the hazards, selecting the right PPE is the best way to keep workers protected, head to toe. 800-444-8030 [email protected] MAGID Sources: release/pdf/cfoi.pdf Safety at work"

Working Hard To Get Hurt Less - A Snapshot of Workplace Injuries In The U.S.

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The past 50 years have seen a huge shift in attitudes to workplace safety. Before OSHA was founded it was estimated that 14,000 workers were killed while at work every year! This infographic takes a l...


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