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Work Etiquette around the World

• WORKPLACE & OFFICE RITUALS World Oround the The WORKING DAY varies dramatically around the world depending on local industry and culture. Let's take a trip around the morld to see how office rituals, culture and etiquette vary from country to country. Morning Ritual: Grab a coffee UK on the way in. CLOCK IN - CLOCK OUT UK workers spend more time in front of a computer than ANY other nation... call your wife! Friday Lunch: Pub. Drink of choice: Tea or coffee your wife called again. Typical Lunch: Meal deal 50% of workers work through their lunch, 52% of workers eat at their desk. FRANCE PASSIONATE & INTENSE réunion à l1.30am → . Kleber aissière Mar Many households in urban France don't own a car, so They love a meeting (réunion) in France, often lasting for a few hours. adéro Passy eim o commuting via the train or Metro is commonplace. de Ma Dupleix Charles Michels le Zola réunion à 4.20pm t is more than acceptable to drink mine at lunch. If offered wine, don't refuse, if you don't want it, simply pretend to drink it. Apparently. Drink of choice: Coffee Morning Ritual: 'La Bise', giving your colleagues a kiss first thing. breath. USA Morning Ritual: Check emails, even before first coffee! RESULTS DRIVEN The average American office worker is thought to be productive for around 3 hours a day. Milestones and successes (e.g. a major sale) are celebrated with great passion. YEAH WHOOP! Drink of choice: Coffee Well done BUDDY! Typical Lunch: 80% of American workers don't take a regular lunchbreak, instead grabbing a bite at their desk. 1 in 5 workers have NO access to social media at work. Workplace exercise is quite common, Usually a little gentle running up the stairs, or some light weight-lifting. INDIA HECTIC / FAST-PACED Roshan was late this morning. According to a Linkedin survey, If you think your boss is rude, you may be shocked at how managers treat their staff, though Indians view this as totally normal! Indian workers are most likely to complain about co-workers to their bosses. I need you to work Saturday. Typical Lunch: Lunch is delivered (from home) by tiffin wallahs, sometimes travelling 50km in a day! Drink of choice: Tea Work hours vary wildly in India, with many Indians working hours to suit western time zones, including working on Saturdays. Morning Ritual: Mornings can be hectic in India, so breakfast is often eaten on the move, or at a tiffin centre. O ITALY GOOD WORK-LIFE BALANCE Switch off your computer and phone promptly at 6pm, whether you are leaving right then or not. Lots of Italians go home for lunch, except in the city where it is usually a brief affair. Gone for lunch. Drink of choice: Coffee Typical Lunch: Pasta, vegetables, bread and often wine. Morning Ritual: Italians are not big breakfast eaters, instead enjoying an espresso in a coffee bar on their way into work. Workers like to talk to colleagues direcly, not on the phone or by email.. Office rules are often viewed as guidelines not regulations. MEXICO LONG WORKING HOURS, NOT HUGELY PRODUCTIVE Bonuses are paid to Mexican A recent report by the OECD showed Mexicans work the longest hours in the world! Productivity, however, is lower, due to government & corporate bureaucracy. workers every year by law! keep going! Drink of choice: Coffee Zz The traditional siesta is still a thing, but is becoming less common. Morning Ritual: Start the day with a desayuno, or breakfast with your daily briefing. CHINA HEIRARCHY AND TRADITION Chinese business practices are built on traditional, Confucian roots, not capitalism. Therefore heirarchy is well respected and a family-like structure develops within companies. Morning Ritual: Most Chinese hurry to have breakfast, some don't even have time to sit down, but get take-out and finish breakfast en route. ..learn wisdom. Drink of choice: Tea Typical Lunch: The menu is usually simple: noodles or rice, pluS some meat and vegetables; no more than three dishes. Where you are seated in the office, or a meeting, is typically tied to seniority. JAPAN OVERTIME IS A BIG PROBLEM throte Calling in sick flu!" is deemed unacceptable and disrepectful to co-workers. Communal exercise is fairly common in Japan, usually instructed by a The Japanese have a term specifically referring to death by overworking: KAROSHI manager. HELP! Typical Lunch: Rice, fish, vegetables. Lunch is observed by most at 12-1 pm. Larger companies have cafeterias to feed Drink of choice: Tea everyone. Officially finish time is 5pm but then, there's overtime.. Morning Ritual: It is not unusual for coworkers to sleep at work, so.. waking up at work? WORKPLACE & OFFICE RITUALS Sources: WD Brought to you by: Secure Storage Document Archive 5:00 PM 8:00 AM 6:00 PM 9:00 AM 6:00 PM 9:00 AM 7:00 PM 9:00 AM XXXX XXXX 9:00 AM 6:00 PM 8:00 AM 6:00 PM 10:00 AM 5:00 PM 9:30 AM 5:00 PM

Work Etiquette around the World

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Do you want to quaff wine on your two-hour lunch breaks? Or maybe you love working so much you want to sleep there? This infographic from WD Storage examines different workplace rituals and traditions...


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