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Women in Organisations

why recruiting and retaining WOMEN is key for success in 21st century Gender balanced teams in- crease performance (over 30% of any one gender) Mixed teams are linked to: good governance, innovation, effectiveness, effi- ciency, creativity, operating results, market valuation, having more fun. 26% Share price of organisations with 1 (or more) women on the board, outperforms organisations with no women on their board by over 6 years. ROI with >1 women on board = 16% vs 12% with only men 20% 18% 16% 14% 12% 10% 8% 6% 4% T6% 712% 2% 0% 2005 2006 2207 2008 2009 2010 2011 Avg O women on the board 1 or more women on the board Source:Credit Suisse Clients are women 2017 (projected) 2007 $15.6t $6t 2002 16% $6t of household purchasing deci- sions is made by women (Davies Report, 2011) EARNINGS: US$ Women are increasingly at the Eco- nomic Centre (Boston Consulting Group) 50 $50 of discretionary spending world- wide will be con- Nearly half of the UK's wealth is held by women trolled by women in 2028 (Davies Report, 2011) You can't afford not considering half the worlds' brain power, organisations want the best talent: Hiring women widens and deepens the talent pool by 2015, 72% of all UK graduates will be By 2010, the proportion of female graduates across the world came women 54% to a median average of 54%, and is set to grow. 72% (Estimated by the Organisa- tion for Economic Co-opera- tion and Development) (Credit Suisse Research,2012) However, women leave. 37% 95% of highly qualified women leave the workforce after of those would not consider going back to their previous em- ployers. having children (Centre for Work Life Policy) Organisations in the tech-sector cite numbers of women between the age LEAVING of 30-40 leaving as high as 50% 0% 50% 100% Organisations lose them before they reach senior management levels. Lost women Exectutive Talent gap Senior Management Middle Management Junior Source: Your Loss: How to Win Back your Female Talent, 2010 The estimated cost of replacing employees is between 50%-150% of salary UK business could potentially benefit by £5 billion a year if companies unblocked the talent pipeline for their 500,000 female middle managers November 2012, Focus on the Pipeline, research by EverywomAn and Alexander Mann While we have less people of working age. 5MILLION>> WORKERS The UK will need an additional five million highly qualified workers within the next ten years to compete globally. (Davies Report, 2011) Increasing pressure for gender quota's Yet women are great at business Yet women are great at business 2.8TRILLIONDOLLAR$ are generated annually from women-owned businesses ..and growing. ( and of UK enterprises are majority-led by women. 15% (GROWE Greater Return on Women's Enterprise. Women's Enterprise Task Force 2009) Women are great at leadership 8888888822 80% of UK charities are run by women Women have leadership characteristics we need for the 21st century Traits below listed in order of the publc's ranking of their importance to leadership. HONEST 20 50 KEY: INTELLIGENT 14 38 HARDWORKING 28 28 DECISIVE 44 33 AMBITIOUS 34 34 COMPASSIONATE 5 80 OUTGOING 28 47 CREATIVE 11 62 (Source: PewResearchCenter)

Women in Organisations

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Why recruiting women is key to success in the 21st Century workplace. From taking on women as managers and the amount of women who leave due to pregnancy.


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