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Women and Credit Unions: Opportunities for Leadership and Professional Growth

Global Women's Leadership Network Filene Research Institute World Council of Credit Unions WOMEN AND CREDIT UNIONS LEADERSHIP AND PROFESSIONAL GROWTH FIND A SPONSOR Look to a mentor to help guide you and be your champion. A sponsor should be someone who will go beyond giving advice and be willing to go to bat for you. Use a sponsor to get vigorous feedback about... WORK PERFORMANCE EFFECTIVENESS APPEARANCE Outcome: Women who have sponsors are more likely to ask for a raise or a challenging assignment because sponsorship helps grow confidence. NETWORKING Build a broad network that features a combination of different kinds of connectedness: %24 STRONG, DEEP BROAD, LOOSE TIES CAREER HAS BOTH MEN RELATIONSHIPS SPONSORSHIP & WOMEN Result: Access to information, resources, and career sponsorship drives career outcomes. KNOW YOUR VALUE Beware of undervaluing your own work. Studies show women consistently lowball themselves when compared with men. To know your professional worth, talk to men as well as women for a deeper understanding of compensation. Be confident, set high expectations, and have a generally positive effect to shift outcomes in your favor. $2,000,000 NOW $3,000,000 NEGOTIATE BETTER Use the acronym SHIFT to remember negotiation tactics that advance economic outcomes and maintain strong professional relationships. Separate interests from positions: Understand the interests that underlie demands so you can be creative about how to get to your goals. H Hear the other side: Listen, listen, listen. If you hit a barier in negotiation, think about it as a problem-solving situation. Invest in the relationship: Get to know the person you're negotiating with. When you build a connection, you're more likely to establish trust and mutual respect. F Focus on your goals: Use language that is more likely to influence the person you're negotiating with. Don't "negotiate, "but"chat" instead. Take a soft approach and build rapport. T Think creatively: Consider how you can help the other side achieve its goals while reaching your own. ASSESS YOUR NETWORK - THEN MAINTAIN IT To look at the effectiveness of your network, ask yourself these questions: How powerful are the people in Do you have a sponsor? Have you been active in looking for sponsorship? your network? To what extent are you connected to people in different clusters where you can play a brokerage role or just get access to new ideas and information? Do you have a strategy for developing How do you Are you thinking through what that strategy is? maintain weak ties in your network? contacts? Once you've assessed your network overall, employ a few simple tools to keep it active. Set calendar reminders on your phone to reach out to a few people every six to eight months. Use LinkedIn to send relevant articles to people who might find them interesting. Stay connected while providing ongoing value to the people you want to keep ties to. IHD

Women and Credit Unions: Opportunities for Leadership and Professional Growth

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Women are an essential part of credit unions around the world, and they are taking on more and more leadership roles every year. This infographic explores strategies women credit union professionals c...


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