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The Wolf of Wall Street: The (Mostly) True Story

THE WOLF OF WALL STREET THE (MOSTLY) TRUE STORY WALL ST When famous film star LEONARDO DICAPRIO is selected to play the part in your life story, you know you've made it big. That is exactly what happened to JORDAN BELFORT, New York stockbroker who conned his into way millions of dollars back in the 1990s via unethical penny stock trading. BUT JUST HOW MUCH OF THIS OUTLANDISH TALE IS TRUE? Cameron Fous of Fous Alerts separates fact from fiction in this blockbuster hit that is (mostly) based on a true story. YOU BUYIN' THIS? Jordan Belfort's first boss told him the keys to success were "masturbation, cocaine, and hookers." According to the book, a broker named Mark Hanna (Matthew McConaughey in the film) gave him this advice early on in his career. TRUE! YOU BUYIN' THIS? Belfort and his partner used the age-old pump-and- dump scheme to get rich quick. Belfort and TRUE! Danny Porush bought inexpensive penny stock shares to inflate & then sell quickly, scamming uninformed middle-class investors with a 50% commission rate. YOU BUYIN' THIS? Belfort laundered his money into Swiss banks using his in-laws. TRUE! helped smuggle the money His wife's mother and aunt into Switzerland. YOU BUYIN' THIS? Danny Porush was married to his cousin in real life. This cousin was TRUE! actually the person who introduced Danny Porush to YOU BUYIN' THIS? Jordan Belfort. Belfort drove a Lamborghini while under the influence of Quaaludes. QUAALUDES It was a Mercedes that Belfort drove, not a Lamborghini. He (MOSTLY) TRUE! also never made it to his house unharmed, instead causing seven different accidents on his journey. YOU BUYIN' THIS? Some office parties 537800A00 Belfort attended included midget-tossing competitions and company-funded prostitutes. At least according to Belfort in his memoir. These charges TRUE! are claimed to be written off in their taxes. YOU BUYIN' THIS? Belfort bought himself a yacht and a helicopter with his newly discovered wealth. He crashed his TRUE! helicopter in his front yard when he was high on drugs & sunk his yacht somewhere off the coast of Italy. YOU BUYIN' THIS? He scammed SCAM only the rich. Y FALSE the film that he only took from Though Belfort claims in his book & in the wealthy, the New York Times reports that many small business owners are still trying to recover financially YOU BUYIN' THIS? from Belfort's scheme. Belfort never gave the names of his business partners. In the film, FALSE Belfort tries to save his partner from incriminating himself. In reality, Belfort ratted out his partner & accomplices for a reduced YOU BUYIN' THIS? sentence of only two years. Belfort is famous for his scams in New York's Wall Street. STRATTON OAKMONT, INc. Stratton Oakmont, FALSE the brokerage firm invented by Belfort & his YOU BUYIN' THIS? partner, was based in Long Beach, California. All penny stock brokerage firms are scams. Fous Alerts FALSE is an educational service that allows users to gain an edge in the stock market & learn to trade using the FOUS4 Stock Picks Strategy. This service allows users to gain access to stock alerts in real time and learn trading tips to turn a profit the right way. TFOUSALERTS I Trade. You Learn. We Profit. BRIM SOURCES: A GENCY s-vulgar-memoirs.html lfort_and_other_real_people_in_dicaprio.html

The Wolf of Wall Street: The (Mostly) True Story

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The Wolf of Wall Street, released on Christmas day and starring none other than Leonardo DiCaprio, is one hell of a look at Jordan Belfort's experiences in the stock trading field. Belfort, who's now ...


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