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Why Your Wellness Program is a Waste of Money

YOUR WELLNESS PROGRAM IS A WHY WASTE OF MONEY THE CHALLENGE of health spending in the US is for chronic conditions, H/0 many of which arc atcributable to four unhcalchy bchaviors. I.nelt of rhyalenl Activily Tubacco Lse Enor Nutrltion Exeesslve Alonhol CousuDIiog THE PRECURSORS TO CHRONIC CONDITIONS, LIKE HEART DISEASE AND TYPE. 2 DIABETES THE GOOD NEWS! Preventing chronic disease is within uur power! Auçl il we can get people to fucus on their Kunhcalthy behaviors carly cnough, chcy won't develop into the types of chronic ailments that diminish quality of lifc and lcad to ouc of control health spending. BUT WHY SHOULD EMPLOYERS CARE? THE CDNSEOUEHCES DF UNMEALTHY BEHAYINES (LIKE IKING AND UBESITY) EMPLOTERS PAY 76% OF (MUN-GOVERNMENT) HEALTH EXPEMSES AFFECT THEIR BOTTIM LIME IM BOTH DIIECT COSIS(IEALTI CLUNI) AN INDIRECT BOSTI LAEENTEEIEN AMO PRESEN TEESK IN THE US THE SOLUTION: ORKPLACE WELLNESS! MAKES SENSE: We: pend most of Plus, a. L'aiovus (larvard stuly slonel vu: wakioy hours at word aol already Il iat ln enery 81 iuveslesl in well reeive uidure ou liealih care Lruu dralgned and ndnilnlsicred eillnes Cmplnyers. prngam, emplnyers an sen: $ 3.27 $ 2.73 IN MEDICAL COST SAVINGS TN AESENTKESM КEристеА BUT a 2013 RAND study slowed diat most LESSTHAN wellness programs are ineffective and suffer from low participation rates of 25% 50 IF WORKPLACE WELLNESS PROGRAMS ARE SO GREAT, WHY ARE SO MANY OF THEM NOT WORKING? TA FALSE START: WELLNESS 1.0. no ytrategic planning до focцs оп шетiся no communication strategy low participation levels uncoordinated tactles: health outcomcs ignored by only the healthy insulticient ur Puurly-designed incenlives • rik asesNments or screen inyo witi nu falln-up ANY SURPRISE THEY ARE INEFFECTIVE? THE REAL SOLUTION: WELLNESS 2.0 INCENTIVES TIED TO BENEFIT PLAN kp a. r.Ies poLne clc czraL: es in. .hci: cke: he s, b, irr: Inwer jiniln- r 1 jets dra lr urrn- in :E 'nhi-r. in :MIS alse lnw. cilılı; kn. 1 i. eul.. .x P.MI, I.d.cur: dEll 1nej. STRATEGIC PLANNING 2 3 4 05 A Iki p.l n. F ult s. Il.: el SAET nib. Su. paiinu > c: cnl Hin:ndi amll-ananA ur In-e Irurte witi rler fr:lrns lrk of .h. Ciaiicikn de Iecch a. char.sis .he aa. A CULTURE OF WELLNESS 4in coiline li:s.el: oi il e cul.u: 1: wot, c4cuos h:lo make u: -menicai th: olsen. XIL helih 20als TECHNOLOGY & "GAMIFICATTON" C ln-o slrul le fur * a IHI wilm tli- :anls.prr. : alba .: ral : :0::l 1:adrk o:l.rn ihai xd: n 1.:rurces mclyecs d:lepay u: dinkusiln 4mpr:leiimll ni u ir. WELLNESS = WELLBEING Ensr cap.ces : ocn.r.bu.Ls 1:in: heir sug. e reosch:lp cmpicyees Lve h:ppe; nocre ill:1es MEASUREMENT & EVALUATION KWIN r-A: uhr sar alir iir1:rirw- -1: I1.I ine . llina p IS .. : X -Xil: mall uks williur IH ulaha fir- n :-calmiJIal : 1 bes unicu: ils, acx. aane cco di: WELLNESS 2.0 WORKS! A JLIuler ul uiul-sizel and Jarge empluyera netulin IL Deau Mridilh (upnlalinn, nd Lhealn IndiIsırica, hase Iniplememet ennpretenslve, airairglenlly planned, snd outeomo-basod wellness programs om grear sucers, natably dELTLIsing thir health claims, alxent:ism and even tornover. FOR HORE INFORMATIODM. DR TO LEARM NORE ATDUT OUR INNDVATIVE wellness AND COST-NEUTRAL APPROACH TO WELLMESS, PLEASE CONTACT US AT @ ww w. Eiwel:icsSrcbates Tasuelunik.en 1 welues-elates

Why Your Wellness Program is a Waste of Money

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Most corporate wellness programs fail to meet their potential because they do not reflect 6 core principles.


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