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Why your Car Unable to Pick its Desired Speed?

EUROPE REPAIR WHY YOUR CAR UNABLE TO PICK ITS DESIRED SPEED? Slow acceleration can Many drivers step hard on the gas pedal, but their car doesn't be dangerous when you drive the car on the highway. Cars with lots of miles are more likely to face slow acceleration Many times, driving the car uphill may unable to speed it up pick up its speed. problems. and climb the hill. . 120- BELOW POINTS DEFINE THE REASONS BEHIND YOUR CAR UNABLE TO PICK UP ITS SPEED. BROKEN TIMING BELT Timing belt needs to be in good condition for the optimal performance of the engine. If one of its is too is broken, then you will notice acceleration problems in car. A FAILED THROTTLE POSITION SENSOR • Throttle position sensor analyzes the angle of opening the throttle valve in the car. When it is failed, the car unable to control the engine speed and affect car speed. ISSUES IN OXYGEN SENSOR Function of an oxygen sensor is to keep track of the car's exhaust emissions. Issues in an oxygen sensor keep the wrong amount of fuel and resulted to slow acceleration. CLOGGED FUEL FILTER • When the fuel filter of the car is packed with debris and dirt, it may hard to let fuel pass. As a result, less fuel entering the engine and possibly cause slow acceleration. DAMAGED AIR FLOW METER Airflow meter is connected with the air intake cleaner for calculating the mass of air. So, the damaged airflow meter will send wrong information to the ECU of the car. CONCLUSION If your car isn't picking up speed, then it doesn't mean the engine is bad anymore.When your car has any of these issues, consult with a mechanic to fix it immediately. ULTIMA

Why your Car Unable to Pick its Desired Speed?

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Due to numerous, you will notice that your car is not picking up its desired speed when you step on the gas pedal. Eventually, you will experience that your engine is too noisy, but doesn't accelerate...


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