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Why is Your Car Engine Running Hot

SOLOMOTORSPOATS WHY IS YOUR CAR ENGINE RUNNING HOT? If your car engine is running hot, there are many potential explanations. The reason can be simple fixes or complicated problems that can be expensive to fix. HERE ARE SOME OF THE MOST COMMON REASONS FOR YOUR CAR ENGINE RUNNING HOT. BLOCKED RADIATOR Sometimes, the radiator can get blocked. When this happens, the antifreeze cannot flow through it. • The radiator cannot disperse the heat into the air properly & leads to an overheated engine. LOW ENGINE COOLANT • One of the most common causes of engine overheating is low engine coolant. • This can be a simple fix if it just got low, but a leak can require more extensive repairs. • Leaks can be internal or external & when the level is too low, proper cooling cannot occur. BLOWN HEAD GASKET • Your car may be overheating due to a blown head gasket. • In this case, coolant will be able to leak out and air can get sucked in. • Car overheating head gasket issues require immediate attention. STUCK THERMOSTAT • Your engine's thermostat is responsible for regulating its temperature. • In many cases, lower-end thermostats may get stuck closed. • This makes it harder to regulate the temperature and restricts the flow of coolants. BAD WATER PUMP • The water pump is crucial as it helps circulate the engine coolant. • If there is no coolant circulation, extra heat that is inside the engine is not removed. • Always take your car for routine service & check all the important parts.

Why is Your Car Engine Running Hot

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Many times, we notice that the car is running hot and produce unusual noises and odor smell inside the car. There are many potential problems which will cause these issues in a car. If you know about ...


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