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Why Your Business Needs To Go Mobile

Local Business on Mobile Devices THE IMPORTANCE OF GOING 'MOBILE FOR YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS! Mobile Can no Longer be a Second Thought. In Fact, By 2014 Mobile Traffic Will Outpace the PC! Number of Global Users (Millions) 2,000 1,800 1,600 1,400 1,200 1,000 -Desktop Mobile 800 600 400 200 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 O comScORE S Mg y f IN THIS DIGITAL WORLD, ENTREPRENEURIAL ENDEAVORS MUST BE COUPLED WITH A "MOBILE-FRIENDLY" MENTALITY. AFTER ALL "88% OF CONSUMERS WHO SEARCH FOR A TYPE OF LOCAL BUSINESS ON A MOBILE DEVICE CALL OR GO TO THAT BUSINESS WITHIN 24 HOURS." Google Mobile Movement Study ACCORDING TO FORBES.COM "Today's consumers are using mobile devices to access social media and business sites.they're roaming the streets clutching smartphones and tablets, looking for things to do or to buy." Chris Horton, digital marketing agency strategist SMARTPHONE USERS 70% of smartphone users use their 62% of smartphone users have device when shopping in-store used their device to check prices 79% of smartphone users have 50% of smartphone users use a used their device for shopping SALE GPS/mapping app to find a retail related activities location "THERE ARE 5 BILLION MOBILE USERS, 5X BIGGER THAN THE PC-BASED MARKET." [source: Yext AS OF FEBRUARY 2013 133.7 MILLION PEOPLE IN THE 57% MOBILE MARKET PENETRATION U.S.OWNED A SMARTPHONE DEVICE Isource: comScore) "By 2015, u.S. mobile sales are forecasted to reach $31 billion." [source: Mashablel LENGTH OF TIME IT TOOK FOR EACH PLATFORM TO REACH 50 MILLION USERS 4 YEARS YEARS IT'S ALL ABOUT OPTIMIZATION! DID YOU KNOW only 55% of businesses have a mobile optimized website? PRETTY SHOCKING, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU CONSIDER [source: Search Engine Watch] 48% of mobile 61% of mobile users are likely to leave a site that is NOT mobile-friendly users who visit a site that is NOT mobile-friendly assume the company doesn't care about their business OF LOCAL BUSINESSES WITH MOBILE-OPTIMIZED APPLICATIONS IMPLEMENTED: 44% 33% 26% MOBILE TRAFFIC FOR LOCAL BUSINESSES 2012 .THEN & NOW 2013 [source:] MOBILE DEVICES ACCOUNT FOR MOBILE DEVICES ACCOUNT FOR /2% OF COMPANY SITE TRAFFIC 52% OF COMPANY SITE TRAFFIC "53% of American consumers use their smartphones to access search engines at least once a day." -Mobile Marketing Association JUMP ON THIS DIGITAL BANDWAGON GO 'MOBILE TO INCREASE YOUR WEB PRESENCE AND INCREASE YOUR SALES AND REVENUE! sources: ing-analytics/mobile-marketing-statistics/ Marlcet Domination Media iPhone app Android app iPad app

Why Your Business Needs To Go Mobile

shared by Market Dominati... on Jan 13
This infographic explains why it is so important for businesses to be found on mobile devices. Mobile traffic is growing at an alarming rate and as you will see there is no sign of it ever slowing down.




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