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Why You Should Start Thinking About Retargeting - 2014 Statistics

2014 Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Retargeting Survey Results PPC PAY PER CLICK Consumers Respond Favorably to PPC Retargeting Ads In February 2014, HubShout conducted astudy to measure consumer reaction to the unique type of pay-per-click advertising known as Retargeting or Remarketing. 300 MEN & WOMEN AGES The participants were comprised of 300 men and women ages 18-65. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 HOW RETARGETING WORKS: Potential Customer YOUR SITE Person visits your site. Person gets your tracking cookie. Person continually sees your ad while navigating the web. SURVEY STATS: Have you ever clicked on an ad for a product Have you ever seen an ad on another website for a product that you have recently viewed? that you have recently viewed? 10.7% 18.7% Yes Yes 23.3% Not Sure Not Sure 17.3% No No 66.0% 64.0% Where Do Consumers Most Often Click on Ads? 200 In search results (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) 161 150 In social media 125 (Facebook News Feed, Twitter Feed, etc.) 101 Ecommerce or shopping sites (, etc.) 100 News source (,, etc.) 27 Special interest sites (Buzzfeed, Mashable, People, etc.) Website Categories When asked if retargeting ads are helpful, a majority of consumers said "Yes" or were neutral. Consumers find the ads valuable for a variety of reasons: "It lets me know that they are paying attention and that they want my attention." "I don't mind being targeted for advertising when it's suited "I like to know of any sales." to products and services that might be of interest to me." "It reminds me about the item, making it "It reminds me about the item, be more likely that I purchase the item." making it be more likely that I purchase the item." "I'm a mom and I work full-time. I forget things quite often. Having them pop up is like an automatic reminder that I never had to set." Respondents who did not find retargeting ads helpful cite the following reasons: Do you find it helpful when a company targets ads to you after you have visited their website? "Sometimes it is annoying, if I want to look for something: I will, I don't want to be reminded all the time." Yes, I find 28.6% 30.7% it helpful "It makes me worry I don't care about my privacy." either way O No, I don't find it helpful 40.7% "Usually the product being displayed in the ad is one l already purchased." Are you aware that you Do you use plugins to block can block advertisers from advertisements online? tracking you on the web? Yes, I use plugins to block Yes, I block tracking 22.3% 36.0% advertisements I know online 45.4% about it, but 64.0% No, I don't use I don't do it plugins to block 32.3% No, I haven't advertisements heard of this online before Sources: You-Find-More-News-to-Talk-About Happens-When-You-See-More-Updates-from-Friends Developed by: * HubShout ONLINE MARKETING SOLUTIONS Respondents

Why You Should Start Thinking About Retargeting - 2014 Statistics

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Retargeting, or remarketing, is a method of internet advertising that has been exponentially gaining attention and popularity. While traditional advertising employs targeting various demographics, ret...




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