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Why You Need To Background Check

WHY YOU NEED TO BACKGROUND CHECK EXAMINING HIRING RISKS THROUGH ANALYTICAL DATA The #1 Priority is Hiring the Right Talent A background check is the process of discovering and assembling information to objectively assist employers in evaluating a candidate's + -I- Qualifications Character "FITness" and to identify any potential hiring risks for safety and security reasons. HIRE THE RIGHT EMPLOYEES FROM THE START 40% of resumes contain FALSE or EXAGGERATED information John Doe 123 Pine Street New York, NY 10712 (555) 555-5555 [email protected] Portfolio: Project Manager Resource Optimization Team Leadership Experience 16% ABC Corporation - Launched Sales monmentally-friendly products. oduct research specifications. - Optimized produ - Promoted to pos attend MBA course in 2012. of executive resumes contain FALSE academic claims and/or material OMISSIONS Achieved $25 I reach company's sales goal. relating to educational experience Education STOP LOSING MONEY 72% Employers LOSE of all negligent hiring lawsuits. Those negligent hiring cases have had verdicts of up to $40 million The Replacement cost of a bad hire is up to THREE (3) times the salary of the job in question About A Sizeable Only 6% 30% 10% of the average organization's annual revunue is lost to of small business failures are caused by theft of businesses discover they've been robbed employee fraud SAFETY & SECURITY CONCERNS 13% 75% 5,840 More than 75 percent of substance abusers are employed Workplace violence accounts for Of the 5,840 workplace 18 percent of all violent crime fatalities in 2006, 13 Percent were assaults and violent acts To Achieve Legal Compliance Your Background Screening Program Must Adhere to: Americans with Disabilities Act EEOC Guidance Federal, State & Local Laws Title VII of The Fair Credit Civil Rights Act Reporting Act NOW WHAT ? Proper Steps for Conducting Background Checks 66 It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five mínutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently. Become a Client Applicant Completes Consent Form 99 Submit Background Check Request -Warren Buffett Receive Results (within 72 hrs) Make Your Decision Following all Applicable Laws Follow FCRA Steps for Adverse Action Decisions CHOOSE FIRST CONTACT HR Why? First Contact HR provides fast & accurate results in 48 hours on average, a secure online ordering system and a responsive client services' team. All results are audited by a knowledgeable HR professional before released to clients. Customized and competitively priced packages are provided for better legal compliance. As members of NAPBS, there is no reliance on database records, or off-shoring of personally identifiable data. We offer a full HR practices audit and HR management consulting to enhance the entire talent management experience. FIRST CONTACT HR Contact us TODAY (866) 406-2142 • Background Screening and Human Resource Solutions SOURCES: 1 2 making-it-by-faking-itbusinessweek-business-news-stock-market-and-financial-advice 3 4 5 Designed By %24

Why You Need To Background Check

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First Contact HR is a leader in the background screening an human resource solutions industry. This infographic examines the hiring risks associated with hiring the wrong employee.




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