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Why Would Employees Decline to Move?

I--- -----. WHY WOULD EMPLOYEES DECLINE TO MOVE? Reasons Employees Give for Declining to Move 77% Housing/mortgage concerns 51% Family issues/ties 43% Spouse's/partner's employment 30% Cost of living in new location 25% Personal reasons (non-disclosed) 24% No desire to move 07% Other 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 95% due to housing or of those declining to move mortgage concerns said their main concern was that they wouldn't sell their home. According To Psychologists, Moving Is Among The Most Stressful Events That Can Happen To Individual or Family 82% 50% of companies have a formal moving policy of companies move employees between countries 70% 56% of companies have a centralized relocation department of companies had employees decline the opportunity to move Employees anticipated to move internationally compared to previous year Employees anticipated to move compared to previous year 18% 17% Increase Decrease 22% 26% Increase Decrease 65% 53% Stay About the Same Stay About the Same Most Frequent Destination Of Transfer Within The U.S. 27% 09% Northeast 18% 36% Central West Midwest 11% 28% Southwest South Most Frequent Destination Of International Transfer 14% 13% United Kingdom 47% Europe Canada 13% United States 05% 05% 36% Other Middle East Asia/Pacific Rim 05% Central America/Caribbean 07% Africa 05% South America 66% of companies offer additional incentives to encourage employees to move 69% Extended duplicate or temporary housing benefits 44% Moving bonuses 43% Loss-on-sale protection 38% Cost-of-living adjustments (COLAS) in salary at new location 18% Telecommuting option to curtail commuting costs 10% Guarantee of employment contract if moving is accepted 10% Mortgage payoffs 08% Other How Often Incentives Prove Successful In Convincing An Employee To Move Seldom Never -- Almost Always Frequently 43%. of companies give 2 weeks for moving to be accepted. 38% give 1 month to report to work at that new location. The information is based upon the findings of Atlas World Group's 43rd Annual Survey of Corporate Relocation Policies conducted from January 11 through February 26, 2010 via the Internet. (For further details and graphical representations of all the data contained in this report, please go to Other sources: Atlas. TM & © 2010 AWGI LLC

Why Would Employees Decline to Move?

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Facing relocation is a daunting task at any time. The logistics of selling a home, moving to a new area and buying a home are all stressful. Add to that the stress of relocating for a job and it’s n...





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