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Why Video Is the New Content Marketing King

THE IMPORTANCE OF VIDEO MARKETING Introduction In today's business world, it is content marketing which rules the marketplace. There many forms of content marketing which include: Social Media Channels Visual Material Articles еВooks Blogs Whitepapers Video It is the last form which is capturing and captivating the online audience by storm. Video Marketing will soon be the norm of advertising, therefore, it is crucial that you, as a business owner, understand why Video Marketing will be so important in making great profits and boosting your ROI. 100 leading The top National Advertisers run You Tube daily video campaigns on YouTube. You Tube The Top 500 brand channels on YouTube average 884,000 views each on a monthly basis. 18-34 YouTube reaches the Tuhe 18-34 adult age bracket more so than cable network TV. The spending on digital video marketing is increasing every year: $8.05 Billion $7 Billion $5.75 Billion $2.0 Billion $4.14 Billion $3 Billion 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 The top brands on YouTube average: SUBSCRIBER 98,000 35,000 views per video subscribers per video channel The top 1,000 channels on YouTube: Generated $23,000 in Ad Revenue 350 Social Interactions are generated for each minute of video airtime. The total hours of video watched on YouTube is staggering, considering these numbers 49 Billion hours Billion hours Billion hours May 2012 August 2013 May 2013 Monthly visits to YouTube far surpass 1,000,000,000 Nearly 40% of all video is watched on a mobile device Unlike other forms of content marketing, video can bring out evoke feelings in the end user, such as: Trust: The human touch it brings to product brand names. Up Next Curiosity: End your videos with a teaser about what to expect in the next video. Confidence: With a video You Tube ok testimonial, your audience can identify with the person in the video, thus getting rid of any apprehension that they may have. Why is video marketing so important? Amusement : An intriguing video can separate you from your competition and others in your industry. You Tube 82% of marketing professionals found it be to an effective tool, By merely mentioning the word 'video' in the subject line of an e-mail campaign blast, the click through rate with 41% of US adults actually watching the video. increased by 13%. The attention span of online consumers is short, and video can serve this particular niche. For example, more people are on the go as they watch online videos from either their smartphone or tablet, and don't want to have to waste time reading text. For example, in 2013 alone, the average time watching videos on the smartphone doubled, and tripled on tablets. Why should a business invest in video content? facebook Videos on Facebook Business Pages increases end user engagement by 33% Embedded videos in websites can increase traffic by up to 55% VIDEO Customers watch on average ADS ADS 13.2 million video ads per day 76% of marketing professionals plan to use video to increase their brand awareness campaigns. 75 Million people in the US watch online videos everyday. It is anticipated that by 2016. all consumer traffic to the Internet will be driven by video marketing. SOURCES tance-of-video-marketing-infographic-0529729 loads/2014/02/YourVideoMarketingHandbook.jpg Cucloudswave ll %24

Why Video Is the New Content Marketing King

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If you’re still not convinced, feel free to peruse all the data we have gathered for you in this handy infographic confirming what we all know now to be true: video is indeed the new marketing mediu...







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