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Why to Not Not Start a Startup

Why to Not Not Start a Startup? (use this as a checklist to examine your own feelings) TaT too young too inexperienced not determined enough not smart enough If someone says “that's a stupid idea", and you rebel or agree - you are too young. The best way to get experience in startups is to start one. Determination, not intelligence, is the predictor of success. If you are smart enough to worry that you are not smart enough, you probably are. 8. newbie in business no cofounder no idea no room for startups A startup is too much for one person to bare. You don't need to know anything about business. Focus on your product. It's not a problem because most startups change their idea anyway. People will always want to be wealthier. So you can create new products endlessly. 9. 10 11 12 family to support independently wealthy afraid of commitment need for structure If you have a family, do consulting. But you'll never build a Google this way. If you are rich, you still need smart people to talk to. Most smart people are not rich. If you value your freedom above all, don't start a startup. But don't get a job either. If you need someone to tell you what to do, don't start a startup. 13 14 15 16 fear of uncertainty blind to the alternative parents want a doctor a job is the default If you ever had a job, you know how damaging those are. Parents protect you from risks, which also protects you from rewards. Getting a job is a tradition that is only 100 years old. Before that the default was farming. There is not much uncertainty here - most startups fail. But, at least in the US, failure is OK. visualized and edited by from eponymous essay by Paul Graham © Funders and Founders Anna Vital jmp/PG-05

Why to Not Not Start a Startup

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All of the reasons that should not hold you back in starting your own business.


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