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Why is my Email Going to Spam?

WHY IS MY EMAIL GOING TO . SPAM? IEMAIL DELIVERED MANAGEMONITOR HONETZE TOP YOUR EMAIL 3 MESSAGES REASONS ARE IN THE SPAM FOLDER: MODIFICATION TO YOUR SERVER WITHOUT UPDATING INFRASTRUCTURE ISSUES SENDER REPUTATION SPAM FOLDERS CONTENT (SPAM FILTERING) INCORRECT SPF RECORDS 5 THINGS SPAM FILTERS LOOK AT TYPE OF MESSAGE BEING SENT Updates and transactional emails are less likely to wind up in the spam folder than marketing messages or newsletters. Take a look in your spam folders and scan the subject lines. Consider avoiding patterns that you see there. YOUR SUBJECT LINE Take a look in your spam folders and scan the subject lines. Consider avoiding patterns that you see there THE BODY COPY OF THE EMAIL COPY: Message is compared to millions of email messages the ISP receives. If your messages have patterns similar to OTHER types of messages that the ISPS have determined are "spam", then your message may be blocked as well. For instance, if you use Gmail, take a look in the spam folder. You may find "reasons" such as: "It contains content that's typically used in spam messages." or "It's similar to messages that were detected by our spam filters." Other people have sent similar emails that have been deter- mined as spam. END USER FEEDBACK OVER TIME This can either be specific to your messages messages received at the ISP (the following two items can spin off of the user feedback section) feedback for all Are they sending similar messages to the spam folder? Are they marking similar messages that are IN the spam folder as "not spam"? FROM ADDRESSES From domains AS WELL AS specific email addresses at those domains. For example, we were recently troubleshooting for a client who found their email in Gmail spam with the following warning: "Be careful with this message. Similar messages were used to steal people's personal information. Unless you trust the sender, don't click links or reply with personal information." After extensive testing, we discovered that it was something about the actual "from email address", NOT the from DOMAIN! V rarely in the past when using from addresses like "info@" or "do-not- reply@" but we've also recently seen it with some addresses using the client's domain (i.e. [email protected]) despite the fact that everything was authenticated properly rhe We've seen this ISPS use sophisticated algorithms that give different weights to different pieces of the puzzle. You have to figure out which piece needs to be fixed! In some cases, it may be easy to identify. In other cases, it may take a lot of testing. Resource Box: To find out why your email is going to spam, visit:İs-my-email-going-to-spam. Get your free report on steps you can take to troubleshoot your own email deliverability. © Copyright 2014. & Marketers Publishing Group, Inc. .....,

Why is my Email Going to Spam?

shared by heather.seitz on Apr 17
Email messages can end up in the spam folder because of infrastructure issues, sender reputation, and content. Spam filtering is also a big piece of the puzzle. To fix the problem it may take only fix...


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