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Why the heater of the car is blowing cool air

BaVarian Auto SPECIALIZING IN QUALITY SERVICE WHY THE HEATER OF THE CAR IS BLOWING COOL AIR? Car issues can make people scratch their heads.When the heater core suddenlų blows cold air, check it instantly.Unreliable heaters can make the winter months unbearable. Several things can go wrong with automotive heaters and occur due to: 1-Problems with the heater core 2-Dysfunctional thermostats 3- Not enough coolant in the engine 4- Water leakS 5- Clogged or broken heating controls Check each of the issues related to the heater core in depth. Insufficient coolant Car uses coolant to cool down the engine 01 50% in summer uwhich is: 50% of water 50% antifreeze If the cool air blows continuously from the 02 heater core, check the coolant level. Issues with the heater core Car heater problems also associated with the heater core difficulties. When heater core has issues, the car is not blowing warm air into the cabin. Clogsed heater contrels controls After using the control buttons for several years, they can get: Gummed up Stop working If the heater control valve is not working, the car gets stuck blowing cool air. Dysfanctional thermostat • Due to the broken thermostat, thermostat gauge stays on "C". If it can't send a signal to the car, the coolant won't be sent over the engine. Water leaks • The last common problem with the car heater is the water leak. • Water leaks can be arises in the heater core for many reasons: Hoses Radiator Water pump Conclusion • An effective heating system can make a much more enjoyable winter. If you notice any of these issues, contact a reputable auto repair shop.

Why the heater of the car is blowing cool air

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Nowadays, cars are coming equipped with many advanced features that make driving a pleasurable experience. These features also take care of you even in extreme climatic conditions. One such system is ...


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