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Why do You Hear Knocking Noise from the Engine of Your Car

UTIMATE BMMER SERVICE Why do You Hear Knocking Noise From the Engine of Your Car Occasionally an engine will produce noises that are difficult to diagnose. A combustion engine is supposed to run smoothly. A knocking sound coming from your engine indicates a mechanical problem. HERE ARE THE REASONS BEHIND KNOCKING NOISE COMING FROM YOUR ENGINE. LOW-QUALITY FUEL If you put low- quality fuel, then it can create a knocking sound. Owner's Manual Octane rating is a measure of fuel's ability to resist premature detonation. The combustion causes the knocking or pinging sound you hear. To avoid you should use the fuel recommended in your car's owner manual. Carbon cleaning detergent in the fuel may not be able to prevent carbon deposits from forming. Gasoline & diesel are made of carbon molecules & residual carbon will form on valves. CARBON DEPOSITS This reduces the amount of volume inside the cylinder & increase the amount of compression. Using a special fuel injector cleaner to clean carbon deposits can help your car. If you use a duplicate spark plug, then it will cause knocking noise in your car. WRONG SPARK PLUGS The spark plug has a certain heat range when operating in the combustion chamber. Using the wrong part can prevent it from functioning properly. If the spark plug gap is not correct, then also you are going to hear a knocking sound. CONCLUSION Resolving the knocking sound from your engine is very simple. • Take your car to an automotive repair shop to fix the issue quickly.

Why do You Hear Knocking Noise from the Engine of Your Car

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Sometimes, a combustion engine may lead to a knocking noise. Generally, a low-quality fuel can create an unusual sound. Carbon deposits reduce the amount of volume in the cylinder and increase the amo...


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