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Why do you face overheating issues in your car

MRENGHES UTO REPAIE Why do You Face OVERHEATING ISSUES IN YOUR CAR The engine is one of the most crucial & sophisticated part of your car. Issues will arise when you are negligent in maintaining your car. Many car owners complain about facing overheating issues in their vehicle. Here are the reasons behind overheating issues in your car. SHUT THERMOSTAT • It is a sign of a failed thermostat if your car is overheating at high speeds. • It is very hard to diagnose as the engine stays cool at low speeds. • At high speeds your engine requires a lot of coolant to keep it coo. • A shut thermostat prevents the flow of coolant to the engine & it overheats. LOW COOLANT LEVEL • Low coolant level is a common reason behind your car overheating. PRNDS • The coolant absorbs the heat dissipated by the engine during combustion. • The hot coolant becomes cool in the radiator in the presence of air from outside. • If the coolant level is low, the heat will build up & the engine overheats. MALFUNCTIONING ELECTRICAL COOLING FAN • Most cars are equipped with an electrical cooling fan to keep the engine cool. • The fan functions by drawing cooler air through the radiator when the car is not running. • You can make your car run idle to determine the functioning of the fan. • If you notice that the temperature is rising, then the cooling fan is not functioning. Conclusion • Take your car to a čertified • The above-mentioned reasons lead to the overheating of your mechanic to sort out the issues. EUROPE

Why do you face overheating issues in your car

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Most of the time it is seen that car owners get complacent when it comes to maintaining their car as time passes. This will have an adverse effect on the various parts in your car and issues will star...


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