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Why Do Businesses Choose VoIP?

WHY DO BUSINESSES CHO OSE VolP? Every successful business, no matter how small, depends on effective internal and external communications. Hosted voice solutions combine cost-effective technology with seamless integration of voice and data, ensuring that companies and clients stay connected. LANDLINES IN DECLINE Telecom companies are losing 700,000 landline customers per month 700,000 080% of enterprise companies are engaged in VolP trials Landline revenues of major providers are falling AT&T landline revenues are 16.5% down 16.5% since 2007 Verizon landline revenues 19% are down 19% since 2007 THE RISE OF VOIP VolP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows voice communications to be routed via the Internet or a private, secure network, instead of traditional analog phone networks. VOIP ADOPTION IS ON THE RISE WORLDWIDE: MORE THAN U.S. adoption statistics: 30% 121,000 2002: VOIP SUBSCRIBERS 30 MILLION 2012: of SMBS subscribe to VOIP SUBSCRIBERS some form of VolP service $65 BILLION IN 2012 Global VolP revenues UP FROM $58 BILLION IN 2011 The total VolP market is projected to grow at 10% per year through 2016 - With business seats expected to double by then 10% INCREASE VolP: THE BUSINESS ADVANTAGE Why is VolP such an attractive solution for businesses of every size? EASE OF USE Minimal need for Upgrading is transparent and simple Service is easily internal resources scalable phone system management COST OF SAVINGS VolP integrates voice calls with a single Internet connection Can employ existing infrastructure (computers, mobile telephones, etc) Cost of a quality line Monthly 50% $25 with long distance inclusion: $25 expenses can be reduced by Compared to $40 up to $40 for a land line FLEXIBILITY AND MOBILITY VolP provides one phone number routed to multiple devices VolP services can be used anywhere in the world By 2015, mobile VolP usage will expand to 83 #3 MILLION LINES PEACE OF MIND Cloud-based: in the event of a service interruption, business can continue remotely $26.5 billion: DATA IS BACKED UP TO THE CLOUD Annual U.S. business FOR EASY RETRIEVAL revenue lost to downtime READY TO MAKE THE SWITCH? VISIT WWW.MEGAPATH.COM TODAY AND LEARN HOW VOIP CAN CHANGE THE WAY YOU DO BUSINESS. http:/ hitp:lsearchtinancialsecurity lechtarget.comtipliolP-security-considerations hitp:/ hitp:/www.tmcnet.comichannelsismall-business-1oiplarticles/231911-U-small-business-voip-markets-see-continued-growth.him http://www.lechaonel6l comliopicsitechzonelarticles/2012/12/31/321142-fand-voip-graw-646-percent-cag-rate-betwoen.him http:/www.shoretel.comlaboutinewsroomindustry_newsVolP_market_to_make impressive strides, through 2016 html http:/ http://www.ayconsulling.nelil-solutions/business-lelephane-systems/71.himl http://www.megapath.comblogiblog-archivellive-reasons-why-yau-should-consider-hosted-voicel htlp:// Mp:transilion.fec gsitghiconsunertactsivop pdf MégaPath http:/www.informationveek.comistorageldisaster-recoveryfil-downtime-costs-265-billion-in-lost-rel229625441 DATA VOICE SECURITY %23

Why Do Businesses Choose VoIP?

shared by danpeskin on Aug 01
Have you ever wondered why businesses use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) for their communications solutions? Whether you are an entrepreneur building your start-up or leading an IT department at ...




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