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Why Coffee Matters

AHANF MATTERS Caffee WE LIVE IN A CULTURE OF COFFE.. ...where employers provide us with coffee breaks, a time to get our morning cup of Joe and a break in the afternoon for a caffeine boost. Find out why coffee really matters to employers and employees. PROVIDING EMPLOYEES WITH COFFEE WILL NOT ONLY SATISFY THEM, BUT IT'S ALSO REALLY BENEFICIAL. HOW DO YOU TAKE YOUR COFFEE? It's easier, faster and has many heàlth benefits. Black Coffee can increase employee and customer satisfaction. More readily available. You can better taste the subtle flavors of the coffee. Cream Caffeine improves energy levels, mood and various Enables the creation of a variety of flavorful coffees. aspects of brain function. Coffee can improve employee productivity. Sugar Allows you to adapt your coffee to aligh with your flavor preferences. Caffeine can increase fat burning in the body and boost the metabolic rate. Flavor offers something for everyone in your office! WHAT'S THE RIGHT BLEND FOR YOUR EMPLOYEES? ROBUSTA BEANS o Double the caffeine of Arabica ARABICA BEANS O Strong, harsher taste O Most common type of coffee o Grown primarily in the Eastern Hemisphere: Africa, Indonesia and India o Sweet, softer taste o Grown primarily in Latin America, Colombia & Brazil o Also found in: Brazil o Also found in: Africa, Papua New Guinea, and India o More difficult to grow, takes years o Easier to grow, less susceptible to pests and weather o Grown at lower altitudes before the fruit is mature for coffee o Must be grown at specific altitudes SO,WHY DOES COFFEE MATTER? 34% 40% 24% of workers claim they are less productive without their of American workers of American workers ages 18 to 24 admitted they can't concentrate as well without coffee. ages 18 to 34 buy coffee as a way to treat themselves for a job well done. cup of Joe. IF COFFEE IS NOT AVAILABLE AT THE OFFICE, EMPLOYEES WILL MAKE AT LEAST 1 COFFEE RUN PER DAY. On average, employees waste 15 minutes per day getting coffee - a quarter of their hourly pay is wasted! 1 employee ($40/hour). takes 2 coffee $20 per day x 5 days in a week = $100 a week lost 30 minutes wasted per day or $20 per day lost $5200 wasted each year per employee breaks a day Your initial coffee service investment will pay for itself by: improving employee productivity, boosting moral, facilitating team building and driving creativity & innovation. You'll save money on employees by providing coffee in your office. ROI MORE EFFECTIVE, SATISFIED, PRODUCTIVE EMPLOYEES OF COFFEE cante en ALWAYS FRESH, ALWAYS ON SOURCES

Why Coffee Matters

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On average, if coffee is not readily available in the office, employees will take one 15 minute break to go get coffee off-site. These breaks can add up quickly, and we have run the numbers and includ...


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